LinkedIn for BlackBerry

LinkedIn ApplicationI’ve been using corporate social networking site LinkedIn for quite a while now.

I’ve yet to import my résumé and I don’t have many recommendations from folk but overall I’m pleased with the way the site works.

I may seem something of a social networking fan-boy but sites like LinkedIn can be quite useful.

I can keep in touch with former work colleagues and people I have done business with, whilst recommending some and participating in special interest group discussions.

I can also post news articles and job adverts on behalf of my employer or special interest groups.  I am also available to be contacted by service providers and the like, who may want to promote their businesses to me.

LinkedIn on the BlackBerryWhat makes LinkedIn different to your standard business (or special interest) forum is that it pulls everything together under one roof.  I can see blog posts and twitter feeds from my contacts and also request introductions through my contacts.

Like other social networking sites, LinkedIn also gives you a summary of your contacts’ recent activity. The other day I noticed that a couple of my former colleagues had installed “LinkedIn for BlackBerry“.

Now, I’ve spent the last couple of weeks testing a new Hosted Exchange and BlackBerry Enterprise Server product that my employer is about to release; so I thought I’d take the opportunity to have a look at the BlackBerry app for LinkedIn.

LinkedIn ContactsHistorically I’ve always been a Windows Mobile user when it comes to phones but I’ve recently jumped on the Android bandwagon.

Windows phones to date have suffered a distinct lack of applications when compared to the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry offerings.

The Android has opened my eyes to the importance of applications on smart phones and I’m quite excited at investigating BlackBerry application development – but that’s probably for a different discussion.

The application installed smoothly on my Curve 8900.  I just followed the instructions from LinkedIn and within a couple of minutes I was accessing my LinkedIn profile and contacts.

My Profile on LinkedIn for BlackBerryI’ve not found an Android version, the only LinkedIn app I have found so far has negative reviews; reviews that accuse the application author of being a password thief, so I’ve stayed away so far.

There are versions for the iPhone and Palm.

There are groups dedicated to Android app development, so maybe there will be an Android version sometime soon.

In the meantime, those of us using other mobile platforms can still access the site’s mobile vesrion via It’s not ideal but it works.