SkyrimI received The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim from Amazon, last Friday, the day of release.

I’d love to write about Skyrim but sadly, my spare time has been taken, this weekend, due to slogging through several quests other commitments.

If I had the time, I’d probably waffle on about how the game appears to have met the hype head-on.

I’d probably go onto mention how pleasing the graphics are, especially the models for many of the diverse peoples and creatures of Skyrim; I’d tie this eloquently into some reference or other to the smooth gameplay.

In fact, if I weren’t so busy elsewhere, I’d mention how many of my XBOX Live friends had managed to achieve a whole 36 hours progress by the time I started the game on Friday evening; possibly going on to mention how different their own individual experiences have been to my own and that Skyrim seems to reward players in very different ways, depending upon their gaming style.

I’d lament the inability to craft my own spells but applaud the improvements to the Alchemy and Smithing system – balancing both with comments on Enchanting.

It is most likley that I wouldn’t bother writing about the one and only crash whilst reloading for the umpteenth time after having my behind repeatedly handed to me by some sort of Gloomsayer.

I think I’d wrap up with some anecdote about LRP/Skyrim crossover dreams, and my inability to disarm anybody with a Shout at Lorien Trust LRP events due to the prevalence of the Immune to Fumble occupational skill.

Unfortunately, there’s some crazy dragon-speaker’s horn that I have to pick up and I think the Arch-Mage of the College of Winterhold may need my help… I’ll find time for writing again soon, I promise… just one more quest… one more and I might get my Sneak to 70…