Blogging 2012 – Two Years On

I can’t believe I missed a milestone!

Five days ago “Armaitus On…” saw its 2nd anniversary of come and pass, like truck driver about to cross the border of the Czech Republic into der ehmalige Ost-Deutschland.

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As an aside, I’m sure I was always taught a hard and masculine der ehmalige DDR but Google’s translate option gives me a more feminine die ehmalige DDR, reserving manliness for the less geo-political title.

So I missed my own ‘Blog’s 2nd birthday.  I say my own ‘Blog but I now write more than one.

I’ve set up a couple of alternative ‘Blogs in WordPress and have been looking at Joomla, Drupal and others to see if there is anything they could offer me.

I’ve even bought hosting, although I’m concerned at losing the search rankings and links that I’ve built up here by moving “Armaitus On…” to my own hosting.  The hosting is to give me somewhere to play with other things… like using HTML5 to write useful tools for mobile internet.

Despite all of that, I still feel guilty for missing my first ‘Blog’s 2nd birthday (I actually created the ‘Blog several days before the first post; unlike a lot of first time Bloggers, I spent a lot of time configuring WordPress and creating an About page).

It’s been interesting to look at those early posts and see how my writing style has changed.  In fact I am changing my style, even as I type, due to ideas that have come to me during the cross-comparisons.  Back then I wasn’t as strict on formatting and didn’t break my paragraphs up as much as I do now.

It also looks like I posted a lot more regularly in that first month than I do now, sometimes 2 in one day.  I haven’t done that since… well today actually, for the ‘Blog I maintain for the Amateur Operatic Society that my partner performs with.

I do try to finagle the dates nowadays though, make it look like I’m not just spaffing posts up in one go…

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“in a one-er” as my friend OnlyOnePinman would say.

And so, two years on and I still have a desire to share my thoughts with the ether.

I know people read what I post, although the majority of the views I get are down to one or two specific posts: one vague discourse on the differences between LRP and MMORPGs and one helpful guide to removing images from MS-Word documents… go figure.

In fact, the most popular search term that hits this ‘Blog is “Ultima 8” or permutations thereof.  I can’t even remember now why I mentioned it, I must have posted about how awesome a series the Ultima games were and how Ultima VIII, Pagan was the best of the whole damned lot (excepting Ultima Underworld II of course).

I seem to have settled into a reasonable un-routine when it comes to blogging; I have a fair few posts drafted, including some creative writing but my time is dedicated to other things at the moment.

What was once a tool of procrastination has now become a target for it. I would love to write more frequently but it is the beginning of the LRP season and I have an event to run mid-March, as well as the main Lorien Trust events to prepare for…

Perdido Street Station won’t read itself you know…



Well “Hello World” indeed.  I’ve written my fair share of “Hello World” applications (or should that be “Apps” nowadays) and so I appreciate the way WordPress offers that as my first post title.

I’ve felt pressured to start blogging for some time now, I even half attempted it a while ago with my first personal website but I never really had the time or subject matter.  That being said, I’ve read a few blogs over the years and can see the attraction to some people; not that I share the attraction.  I’ve always tended to share the view of the de-motivational poster – “Blogging: Never Before Have So  Many People with So Little to Say Said So Much to So Few”

That rule doesn’t always apply. My Father is a prolific blogger on both a personal and professional basis. He has a good number of followers with whom he shares anecdotes and professional information. This itself is no surprise to me, my Father has always been one for keeping a journal; early trips to Europe are no doubt still recorded in those notebooks with either a red cover or that kind of blue marble effect cover that I never seem to see anymore.

For myself I’ve often remarked, to those who suggest I write a blog, that I have very little to say to the world; let alone anything of worth. My grammatical education was as poor as any other attendee of my Secondary School (starting in 1986) with a C in GCSE English Language and what prose I do squeeze out tends to ramble off at odd tangents (excepting those cases where I exert a great effort of will).

I struggle to even select a single topic on which to write a blog – and yet (here’s the crux of this whole post) when I do select a topic, I find myself suddenly of an opinion that can be shared. As personal as that opinion may be, I reflect on other opinions I have held and find that some of them may be of use to somebody.

At the time of writing I am a 34 years old IT Manager with Type 1 (or maybe it’s Type 2 – the Specialists change their minds frequently) Diabetes and almost 14 years experience in the fields of: Business/Systems Analysis, Relational Database Design, Object Oriented Programming, Data Mining and Enterprise System Support. In my time I’ve operated as a code monkey, had code monkeys operate under me, designed new systems, migrated existing systems and even operated a full on software support desk. And that’s just the day job!

The blog-worthy material from my technical life could probably fuel a whole site of its own. Why should it end there though? I mean if nobody reads it then nobody reads it – no harm no foul.

After dark (office hours aren’t what they used to be) I have worn so many hats that, the more I think about it, the more ridiculous it seems to me that I haven’t turned to blogging as a means of tracking all the hats. Maybe 7 years ago (or more) I used to post on a paranormal research forum, I’ve had a lot to say on that and a great many other subjects

There you have it, I’m convinced that it may well be worth having a go at blogging. I will hold back my doubts and treat it as an exercise in personal exorcism; if I can offload my opinions here then maybe I’ll free up brain space for new things.