No! I don't want to hear about...Apparel

Why not visit Armaitus’s Corporate Bordello ?

Available therein are a number of custom designed pieces of apparel.

The shop is powered by Spreadshirt, the items are a good quality but shipping can take a couple of days.

You WishDesign

Most of my own designs are really only relevant to a niche market of Lorien Trust Live Action Roleplayers allied to the Gryphon Faction; I do intend to expand the range of designs over time however.


I’m also open to requests from folk who can’t be bothered to start their own Spreadshirt shop.

Golf SaleGryphon T-ShirtGryphon ApronGolden Gryphon T-ShirtGryphon BlanketGryphon BagGryphon BandanaYou're a GryphonYou WishBig & Tall gryphon Tee


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