Fallout 76: The Adventures of Buck Frexit (Days 5 to 7)

Buck’s adventures were put on hold somewhat by an impromptu server update that Bethesda ran to coincide with UK workers returning home after a hard day’s working hard to make more money for the people that employ them.

I took a break from the wasteland of West Virginia to finish the latest Laundry Files offering by Charles Stross.

The weekend, however, saw Buck head off alone, following in the footsteps of Vault 76’s “Overseer” and exploring the wider expanse of the Appalachian wilderness.

Buck finally got into the basement of the Mothman Museum and picked up a Mothman Cultist outfit and so the world was now, very much, Buck’s oyster.

Fallout 76 (18).png

Eagle eyed readers may notice that my quest list isn’t reducing but that’s because there are timed quests in the game and if I wanted to play racing games I’d install the latest Forza or Daley Thomson’s Decathlon.

Over the weekend, Buck encountered the darker side of PvP, when 4 players chose to goad him into PvP and then returned to his base again and again to murder him, time after time.

Buck also encountered his first “Glitched Quest”, a traditional entry into any Bethesda game.

To start with, the PvP was actually quite unsettling.  I’d setup C.A.M.P. next to Flatwoods and had been dropping unwanted Ammo and Junk for nearby players.  A couple of players came into my shack and decided to hit me a couple of times.

Fallout 76 (16).png

It was irritating, I was crafting at the time and so took this as being a little unsporting.  Thankfully, JiggyBeastZero had gifted me a Ski Sword a few nights prior and Buck is built for melee combat.  Like the eponymous Butcher Pete, I hacked and whacked and slashed the culprit to pieces and then his friend who tried to avenge him.

What I didn’t know was that there were two more players in that group who decided that the next 10 minutes were a “Let’s kill Buck Frexit in his shack” special event.

Taking a tip from my zombie apocalypse survival lessons, I quickly entered “build” mode and removed the stairs to the upper floor I was hiding on.  I then patched the hole with a floor piece.  The players (soon to be griefers) couldn’t target me or reach me with melee and so I decided to take a moment to re-equip with explosives.

Armed with a missile launcher and plasma grenades, I started to plan a strategy when one of the players found a way up to me.  Two more player kills and I realise one of their party was in power armour and more than twice my level… I was killed in one hit.

The problem didn’t end there though.  They hung around waiting for me to return.  At that point the became “griefers”, spawn camping to troll the player protecting their C.A.M.P.

It left me a little angry to be honest.  Shook up and unwilling to engage again.

Thankfully, the game allows you to block players, which I did.  I then moved to a new server for good measure.

The quest glitch contains spoilers but needless to say, Buck had to kill a baddie to end the quest but only one player per server can kill the baddie.  Cue several restarts of the game to find a server where that baddie hadn’t been killed yet.

Spoilers in the video:

So I now have a new shack, with 3 storeys to make it harder for griefers to get to me.  This one is more portable too, I think maybe next time I’ll write more about the crafting side of the game.


Fallout 76: The Adventures of Buck Frexit (Day 4)

Continuing this week’s foray into the Appalachian wasteland, Buck was joined by another friend to explore the mechanics of team work in Fallout 76.

JiggyBeastZero joined me as I was exploring the Mothman Museum.  We killed some baddies and looted buildings before deciding to try some public events.

We’re both still low level (Buck is level 15 and Jiggy is now level 9) but the areas we’re exploring are quite forgiving on the lower levelled player.

We made some important discoveries however.

Fallout 76 (11).png

Firstly, you don’t have to stab or shoot another player to become “Wanted”.  I think Jiggy may have attacked a turret at the workshop, which flagged him as an enemy but then I was flagged by picking locks on some of the workshop containers and robbing their contents… I know, baddie for life.

Fallout 76 (14).png

I think I had to be spotted stealing to be flagged as “Wanted” but I didn’t get chance to check straight away as the workshop owner (a pleasant player named Zombie2Assassin) murdered me whilst I was thinking about it.

On my second visit to the same workshop, Zombie2 decided to “Thumbs Down” emote both Jiggy and I… Jiggy had retained their “Wanted status” and Zombie2 had just murdered them a second time.  Being the consummate diplomat, I attempted to smooth things over with Zombie2 with a quick “Thumbs Up” followed by a “Wave Hello” emote.

I then picked another lock, stole some materials and became “Wanted” again.  Being several levels higher than me (and presumably, a better shot than me) Zombie2 had no issues murdering me again.

When I re-spawned, Jiggy was still “Wanted”, in front of me an not moving.

Then, all of a sudden, Jiggy was naked, “Wanted” and still not moving… Jiggy believed that they were still being attacked by our new nemesis, so I checked the map.  Jiggy was no where near me, according to the map.  They had re-spawned a short distance away and had left a kind of underpants-ghost to taunt me.

I did try to hack the ghost to death but I think that just added to my weapon’s loss of “CND”.

The rest of the evening was spent wandering and looting.  We eventually took our own workshop and farmed some materials.  I found a power armour frame for Jiggy and they found a “Ski Sword” for Buck (Buck loves melee).

And then Zombie2Assassin found us and decided to pay us back for robbing our stuff… and then killed us again for good measure… bless.

With that, we all went our separate ways, Buck contracted parasites and I went to bed.

Fallout 76: The Adventures of Buck Frexit (Day 3)

buckfrexitAfter a successful weekend emerging from Vault 76, I was looking forward to seeing what Monday’s Fallout 76 patch would bring to the game.

I should really take a new ID card photo, Buck is now level 15 and a little less handsome than he was at the start.

Unfortunately, as a console player I’m forced to download the whole game package rather than just the patched elements, meaning a 3.5 hour wait as my WiFi connected Xbone downloads the 48.4gb “update” over my superfast-but-contended-at-peak-times Virgin line.

PC players allegedly benefited from a 15gb file but those on PS4 probably faced the same delay that I did.

The plan had been for 2 or 3 friends to join me so we could see how the game coped with balance across teams with a mixed level.  Unfortunately my potential team mates were still downloading by the time I got into a server.

Fallout 76 (7).png

So Buck Frexit headed off to the next key plot marker and scavenged his way through the wasteland.  I tried the Mothman Museum, to try scav a cultist outfit (as sported by Throgok in the image above… the door was locked on this server, lockpick skill level 2 to my skill level 1).

I then decided to take control of some workshops and finally got a taste of PvP.

I’d already taken the workshop at Sunshine Meadows, which allowed me to farm some foodstuffs for a while.  This had been left unoccupied and so didn’t raise any PvP flags, so I headed down to the Poseidon Energy Plant and took the one there.

Fallout 76 (5).png

Someone had already set the plant up to generate Fusion Cores but hadn’t finished the job… so I added a few more generators and set the plant running.  A bit of crafting later and I was happily farming fusion cores, cooking and sleeping. Every now and then I’d defend the plant from ghoul or scorched attack and it was during one of these that I had my first PvP encounter.

A player, 5 levels higher than me and wearing only their y-fronts, had triggered my turrets – presumably as taking a turret out was one of the daily challenges.  This rendered them a target to me so I took my trusty .44 and a Machete to teach them a lesson.

They handed me my ass and continued to take the turret down.

The great thing here was that this rendered the player “Wanted” and a prime target for me.  I respawned, fed them a few frag grenades and then introduced them to my shotgun – close range.


Boom, one dead (and oddly naked) character and I get my first PvP kill.

I hung around to see if they wanted revenge but after a bit more Fusion Core farming, I logged off and went to bed.


Fallout 76: Thoughts from the First Weekend

I thought about naming this review “Fallout 76: The Adventures of Buck Frexit” but settled for a more meaningful title.


Political spoonerisms aside, I’ve enjoyed my first weekend in the wasteland of West Virginia.  I’ve attempted solo play as well as joining my good buddy “Throgok” for some public events and team based tomfoolery.

Full disclosure though: I can be a rabid fanboy over certain things.  I railed against Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings for example; I am absolutely “that guy” when it comes to “I read the book before the film/series” and hating on things before they are released.

With Fallout 76, I’ve tried my best to avoid the negativity clouding actual experience.  I’m trying to be a better person.  It is my intention to be balanced in this review and I apologise in advance if it comes across as negative or whiny.

Originally, I wasn’t going to bother with Fallout 76.  The negativity had started to get to me and, honestly, I’d have ignored the game if I didn’t have friends playing it.

I first came across Fallout through Fallout 3.  I didn’t really get into the first 2 games as they just weren’t my kind of game back in the day.  Fallout 3, New Vegas and Fallout 4 all appealed to my inner dystopian and I’ve enjoyed the way each new game has built upon the success of the last.

Fallout 76 is a side-step to that.  I’m neophilic enough to recognise the overall good in these changes and deep down I know this isn’t Fallout 5.  This is Bethesda’s way of diversifying to a new market while they potentially undertake the decade long process of creating a new single player behemoth.

Having said that, I do worry that this may be it.  In the same way that Elder Scrolls Online (longer in the tooth, settled and far larger than Fallout 76) could have killed off any hope of The Elder Scrolls 6, it is possible that Fallout 76 is the knell that spells doom for Fallout 5.  I’ve never really forgiven Blizzard for allowing World of Warcraft to kill of Starcraft: Ghost… and those scars twinge when I think about future Bethesda titles.

All that aside, I spent the weekend exploring the newly released Appalachian wasteland.  My only exposure to the beta had been through the experiences of other players, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect… and overall, I’m quite satisfied with the experience.

Firstly, the game is beautiful.  Even on my day one edition Xbox One, without any kind of 4k graphics, the environment is stunning.  Yes there is a lot of repetition in the doodads and items making up the scenery but there’s a subtle dynamism at play that help to keep you distracted enough to think “Wow! Check out that sunrise”.

I’m also pleased that Bethesda have put efforts into limiting “griefing” at this early stage.  Each server holds a maximum of 24 players, you see the other 23 as pale dots on the map.

Players who have attempted to murder other players’ characters show up as a red “wanted” dot on the map (as well as targeted enemies when you meet them face to face); you can hunt and kill these player’s characters to receive a bounty.  Furthermore, these “wanted” players cannot see where any other players are on the map.DsT1VK4X4AAtA3Z.jpg

The only problem with this is that you can accidentally pick up “wanted” status by accidentally hitting a team mate mid combat.  This happened to my buddy Throgok as I was shanking feral ghouls.

This accidental blue-on-blue did nothing to detract from the team-play experience.  Eventually, Throgok was sniped by a player twice his level and his “wanted” status was gone when he respawned.

Playing with someone else was a good laugh, pretty much like any other multiplayer game… it’s the company that makes it fun, rather than the game itself.

The solo game had its own enjoyment, mainly in the sense of bleak isolation inherent in the Fallout universe.  There are only ever 23 or less other people on your server and the map is huge.  I have played for hours without meeting another player and at other times have fought side by side with 3 or 4 others as we take down swarms of Protectrons or other baddies.

That isolation is a key part of playing fallout.  The Elder Scrolls Online often felt flooded with people all trying to gather the same 10 resources for some easily-forgotten NPC, Fallout 76 definitely feels like its you (or you and a few of your friends) against the world alone.

This isolation can work against you however, many of the public events and higher level critters definitely need more than you and a few buddies to take them on and win.  With only 24 players per server, it’s very rare to see everyone on one server flocked to the same event and the fact you have to pay to fast travel puts players off jumping across the map on the off chance of diving into a public event.

Outside of the public events, there isn’t a great deal to do except explore, take down baddies and slowly grind through the myriad “challenges” set for you within the game.  Hopefully these will expand as time goes on… there were points during the weekend that I would have described gameplay as “Dull”; thankfully not many.

I’m not sure why Bethesda chose to exclude meaningful NPCs from Fallout 76.  Every quest seems to be triggered by robot, terminal, note or holo-tape.  We do see NPCs in the form of corpses but so far the game has no living person to interact with, other than fellow players.

I think the worst point was when server lag or some other glitch locked us out of a public event for a good 5 minutes or so – not great on a timed event.

Team play did highlight a couple of other issues that I hope are addressed in future patches.  The fact that team mates can attack each other and trigger unwanted PvP attention is made worse by the fact that players can Ninja each other for loot and kills.

Loot in containers is random for everyone.  If I loot a trashcan and find a stimpak, my team mates may find dog food or chems.  But if I pick up a roll of duct tape (precious precious duct tape) from a table, that duct tape is gone… no longer available for anyone else unless I trade it or drop it.

I’m not sure if the game shares XP on kills either.  I found a few times that Throgok or I would accidentally steal kills from each other.  I think this deserves further research however.

One final thing that I’m struggling with are the “survival” mechanisms.  I never played the previous Fallout games on survival mode, it’s just not something I’m interested in.  I think I could get used to it if the hunger, thirst and item degradation rates slowed down but at the moment they feel like a real barrier.

I remember having to eat and drink in the good old Ultima Underworld series of games.  Food would spoil and you could die from hunger or thirst if ignored.  I get it, I really do but Fallout 76 seems to have taken the Atic Atac approach to survival and I seem to spend more time cooking up grills, soups and juices than I do repairing my weaponry and hunting Wasteland creatures.  If any one thing is likely to put me off playing it is this constant reliance on eating and drinking in the game.

The survival element does have a plus side though.  The comedy of contracting “Swamp Itch” or “Dysentery” from a dodgy sleeping bag is only made better by the genius of “Mutations”.

With a high enough radiation level you can mutate to a new you and benefit from some weird side effects.  The “Marsupial” mutation I picked up gave me a boost to my maximum carry weight and maximum jump height but knocked my “Intelligence”  attribute down by -4 points.  It also meant half my health bar was taken up by radiation.

I recorded myself jumping around and then decided to record some more as I spotted some weird luminous track marks on the floor.  I’m not sure if they were meant to be there or not.

All in all, I’m looking forward to dropping back into the Wasteland and carrying on the adventures of Buck Frexit (and friends).

I genuinely believe that Bethesda will make improvements over the coming weeks.  There’s a server patch on the afternoon of Monday 19th (9am EST, which is 2pm GMT I think) and the game is bound to evolve as time goes on.

I’m also hoping that there will be more exciting contents brought to the Atom store.  I’m not really fussed for the cosmetic side of games like this but I’d save Atoms for decent outfits or more LOL-worthy emotes.

Maybe I’ll see some of you in the wasteland?

The End of Free Will? (Reblogged)

This topic seems to have finally hit the public in anger once again.

Cambridge Analytica has finally become a conversation outside of my echo chamber.

Here are some more recent links:

It sort of feels like locking the door after the horse has bolted…

Armaitus on...

winningI suppose I was kidding myself in thinking I could get away without writing about politics this year.

Last year’s referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union broke me.

I recovered relatively quickly by sticking to my personal philosophy and not dwelling on negativity; a part of doing that has happily led to me distancing myself from an emotional involvement in politics.

I’ve tried to force myself to be ignorant of the broken democracy that the rest of my world appears to be addicted to.

Thankfully this particular post is not loaded with personal politics; this post is more of a warning to the incurious.

TL:DR – There is evidence that big money is using NLP style techniques to control modern-day western politics.  I provide links to relevant stories and so forth.

View original post 725 more words

The Wrong IoT


For over a decade now, I have worked in Telecommunications as a kind of Corporate Technomancer.

Like a wizened proto-mentat before the Butlerian Jihad, I exert my will to keep an operational IT infrastructure functional for money.

I remember several years ago seeing the acronym “IoT” pop up in industry articles and the kind of tech spam that IT guys delete on a regular basis.

It piqued my interest initially as the “IoT” was something I looked into back in the Nineties.

This interest bordered on excitement… was the world finally making the promised transition from a Science/Religion based world view to being more accepting of magical thinking?

No. Disappointingly not; the “IoT” in those tech articles was not the oft-maligned occult organisation founded in the eighties by the burgeoning chaos magical current; instead, the “IoT” in those tech articles referred to a crazy collection of sentient fridges and talking toasters!

Okay, I accept I’m over simplifying the concept and I also accept that there are some “smart” devices that are useful: energy meters for example or home security devices. But in all honesty I really don’t see the need to connect everything in your home to the internet.

This incorrect IoT appeared on my radar again today with a security bulletin warning of an “IoT” botnet;  yet another example of the tech news leading me on with a perceived promise of adepts from the Illuminates of Thanateros waging a technomantic war of well focused egregores and servitors, whilst instead delivering some half-baked scaremongering about a collection of smart meters and WiFi enabled light bulbs being used to distribute spam email over the deep web.

From a corporate point of view, I really don’t see the “amazing potential” of the “Internet of Things” but the technomancer inside me really likes the idea of an international occult body using the concept of insecurely networked devices to propagate/perpetuate their magical will.



Electile Dysfunction – That’s Democracy Folks!


I weighed up the options this evening, I really did.

I umm’d and aah’d over what the best decision was and I’m not convinced I made the right choice.

What to do on the night of what is possibly the most pivotal General Election that I have seen to date.

I could have spent the evening playing a few therapeutic rounds of Starcraft/Starcraft 2, wiping hordes of AI led foes from a digital map with the brutal might if Protoss supremacy.

I could have stuck to a strong yet stable alternative and just sat catching up on Youtubeflix-Prime or something.

I could have indulged in a random act of caring and spent the evening looking after one of my cats, who has damaged his paw and is batting his paw dressing against any hard surface as a means of attention (I’ve recently adopted a stray, against all better advice and so am dictated to by a feline triumvirate of power).

Instead I chose the many over the few and decided to write about politics, even though this isn’t intended as a political blog.

As I write this, the polls have just closed and the temptation to phone my boss and request some leeway in tomorrow’s employment attendance is strong.  I have never stayed up to watch the results come in after a General Election and waking up a year ago to the Brexit result with my 6am alarm clock was genuinely like living some kind of Kafka-cross-Cronenberg nightmare.

I’m pretty sure I’m over my obsessive-lover’s addiction with politics, I truly learnt my lesson last year.  What will be will be and my single voice is unlikely to be heard within this countries half-arsed attempt at democracy.

I am aching to find out how things turn out though.

I also have something of a confession to make… several if I think about it.

Firstly, I didn’t really choose one thing earlier, that was just a cheap allusion to the earlier choice I made in my local polling station – and even that decision was made several days ago.

I’ve broken off writing this post at several points to care for my ailing kitty (Muggle J. Fluffmonster for those in the know); I’ve even spent time with my old girl, Minty J. Blige and even the new guest, “Drifter”.

I’ve procrastinated writing this to catalogue spare swapsies in my Sainsbury’s Lego Card collection and I always Youtube whilst writing these things… so the only thing I’m missing out on is Starcraft – and a good Gin and Slimline always fills in for Starcraft.

Secondly, I’ve committed adultery of sorts – politically speaking that is; this is what is weighing on my mind I think.

Earlier today I was challenged with a question from a work colleague (a work colleague who I am diametrically opposed to both politically and ethically but that’s not important right now).

I can predict the future, can you?

The answer to that question is unlikely to please my grounded atheist or science focused readers… Yes, I believe there are means by which I can.

My colleague proposed that by the time this is posted (I’m planning on scheduling for a 7 or 8 am release on the 9th of June 2017 – it is currently half past 10pm on election night) we would see a 65 seat lead for the Conservative party and that the Liberal Democrats (my preferred party) would be a single seat up.

Another colleague predicted a hung parliament.

I was asked by other colleagues to perform a rare Tarot reading to predict the outcome – I’d like to class that as my 3rd confession but I’d like to discuss it now to further procrastinate the discussion of my political infidelity – it’s kind of relevant to that story anyway.

I have a number of Tarot decks at home but don’t usually allow that part of my life to mingle with work life.  I’m a sucker for a good solid Rider Waite deck using a strong and stable Celtic Cross in readings – it’s the way I learnt.

I also have a beautiful Haitian deck, based on Rider Waite, that I’m still experimenting with; the only remotely occult trapping I have at work is a marble pyramid that I use for grounding – like an esoteric lightning rod.

So I often rely on Facade.com to perform readings when caught without a deck.  It’s easy to read when the interpretations are fed to you the way the site does and you can randomise the layout and deck used – additional factors of randomisation are pretty handy in divination (I’m sure papers have been written about this somewhere).

Under some small pressure, I performed a quick reading on the question “Who will win the current General Election?” and did my best to interpret the results.

In brief the Tarot was adamant that the results would be balanced – hung of you like – but with a weighting towards the current opposition.

Whether that means hung with a coalesced opposition or hung with a Labour opposition, I don’t know BUT the other thing the digitally represented cards told me was that this would only be possible with a degree of political infidelity!

And that’s why I stuck to the decision I made days ago, betrayed my party of choice and for the first time in my life voted Labour.

There, I said it… I voted Labour… the Red Peril – the Opposition.

And here we come to the crux of why I feel the need to get this off my chest and onto the interwebs – I feel that I’ve betrayed my party of choice.

But here’s the thing, I feel I’m justified.  So much so, I may well send this post to my local candidate for his consideration.

After Brexit, I rejoined the Liberal Democrats – I was one of those foolish members who left after the 2015 General Election and the previous “coalition”.

I’m ashamed to say that I fell for press spin and fell out with Nick Clegg during the coalition; only after the fact realising the monumental success that man made of a bad situation.

Nick Clegg made a sow’s purse out of pig’s ear – far more productive and decent than his colleague David Hameron allegedly did.

20170608_230554I rejoined the Liberal Democrats as they are STILL the one party that best represents my interests.  Those policies I disagree with appear to be shifting (I don’t want my Defence working friends to lose their work and am paranoic enough to think we still need nukes) and I’m on an activist upswing – I WANT to make change and the Liberal Democrats are a oarty I can get on board with…

Just a few issues though: The leader, the defeatism and the begging.

I don’t like getting all Ad Hominem but Tim Farron just doesn’t hit my leadership button. He’s presentable and argues a good argument but there’s something about him that I just can’t quite put my finger on.

The good thing is, I vote on policies not personalities and so I got over that pretty much the day after he became party leader.

The defeatism is harder to get over.

ld1Earlier this year Tim Farron emailed the membership to let us know that he had chosen a direction and goal for the party… we were to become the new opposition!

Finally a great goal, albeit the replacing of the Conservatives being secondary to being the opposition but still… a good goal.

This was reinforced with a statement that we would not – under any circumstances – get into bed with any other party in a new coalition (a mistake if you ask me but there you go – strong and stable decision making from the party  leader).

Once the campaigning was under way I even saw emails related to my local candidate, a chap who had already done sterling work in my area as a Councillor.

Shortly after this though other emails started to come through; emails requesting that I abandon my own constituency to assist key seats.


In effect the party was hanging my own candidate out to dry and poaching me to work on other areas that were “close to me”. Close in a “Londoners Patronising the North” sense – Cheadle, North Leeds and Sheffield Hallam obviously being just next door to us Colne Valley yokels.

The torrent if pressure to abandon my local area as “lost” and move my efforts to “winnable” areas didn’t let up and every single email drove a wedge between me and the party.

The party was right, the chances of my candidate winning compared to the strong (and stable) Tory incumbent or the “Who’s that you say?” Labour option were slim but I felt the Liberal Democrats had hung us out to dry as a constituency.

Even that would have been tolerable.

jb1I’m used to being the underdog; it’s when I’m at my strongest.

Huddersfield’s football team aren’t called the Terriers without reason; us Huddersfuddlians are the kind who fight hardest when the odds are stacked against us.

But the party sold us out – they effectively told me what I’ve always feared, that my vote is irrelevant in my constituency.

Add to this the news that pretty soon my ward (Lindley) is one of those being shifted to a new constituency so as to reduce the number of MPs (or something).  My ward is eventually going to move into the Labour safe seat of Huddersfield – and I mean “Safe” in a “Liberal Democrats ain’t ever winning here” kind of way not a “Starcraft family catch-all term” one.

And then… then… the begging started.

Daily, sometimes multiple time s a day “The other parties have big sponsors… please give us £25” – Shit The Fucking Bed!

I barely have £25 spare to fix the cat let alone pay for Facebook adverts or leaflets to campaign for the Liberal Democrats – Age. Of. Austerity people… sheesh.

I’m not a public sector worker who gets a regular – albeit measly – annual pay rise based on inflation.  My expendable income drops every year – regardless of which set of puppets are in power.  Seriously, Red, Blue or Yellow makes no difference to my “middle-income” ass.

Even with a pay rise, I doubt I could justify spending money on the funds expected of the membership, shit son!

So yes, by polling day itself I was pretty set on a “Save the NHS at all costs” course of action and that meant betraying my party of choice and voting for a woman that lives round the corner from the house I grew up in.

I woman I know nothing about.

A woman who couldn’t even be bothered to put my council ward on her campaign leaflet’s map.

A woman who I doubt will stand up for one single local issue that I give a damn about.

But a woman who’s position as my MP may mean that I continue to enjoy NHS treatments that are free at the point of use.  A woman, who’s potential success may mean that my best friend doesn’t die from lack of treatment, a lack of funding or his own hands.  A woman who is soon going to be familiar with my name if she gets into power… I voted for her and if she wins she’d better represent my interests!

That’s all assuming the tinfoil hats aren’t correct and the outcome was already decided by Vladimir Putin and Cambridge Analytica months before we went to poll.

Oh… and we wouldn’t have these issues if we embraced proportional representation and at least UKIP didn’t stand in my constituency… small mercies eh?

I guess I’ll have to make it up to the party somehow; I’m still a Liberal Democrat at heart. That being said, if it all goes Pete Tong I’m fairly sure I’ll stand for election myself next time… as an independent or a Loony, maybe even as a Liberal.

Ten past midnight, I’m off to bed… if my Tarot reading was right, yay… otherwise… Vive La Revolution and so long Human Rights.

Peace out!