Swimming Against the Dark Currents

There is so much negativity on Facebook today … It’s got me quite wound up.

I love it when I see people try to bring positivity to their audience with kind words and gestures.

I call this Swimming Against the Dark Currents it’s something I try to do every day.

For example, a Facebook friend carried out her annual “Compliment Day”, whereby she compliments people she knows to promote positivity.  

Other people join in and spread the positivity further.

I love it when people try to engage in discourse about how their opinion differs but that that’s ok, even though their upset, they understand that people are trying to spread positivity.

For example, another Facebook friend pointed out that not being listed in the mass taggings of #ComplimentDay can have the opposite effect; those without compliments feeling left out.

This led to a micro flame war that descalated to a typhoon of negativity. 

Comments were made in support of either point of view and quickly became abusive.

And now, I see other people jumping in with passive aggressive snipes at the situation.

Hey, I get it! It’s the interwebs…

Never read the comments


I hate it when people start getting negative over perceived negativity… fighting fire with fire.

Don’t you see it? 

You’ve been pulled into that downward spiral and you’re perpetuating the negativity… 

Hell, in some cases you’re creating negativity where there was none before.

And here I am, the hypocrite… 
Diving in with a positive opener and a picture of a swan… blooming with a flourish of negativity like some kind of dark empathy grenade.

I was having a good morning until I read some of the responses to the responses to an attempt to spread positivity yesterday.  

I didn’t take part in #ComplimentsDay for exactly the same reason voiced by the Facebook friend I mentioned earlier.

I felt I would be neglecting worthy people by complimenting only a few – and I avoid meme-trends these days due to time constraints and other priorities – but I loved reading all the kind things that people had to say about each other.

Very positivity, much love – wow!

All that good feeling is now twisted and knotted inside my gut like an emotional ulcer as the negativity washes back in.

I’m not even involved and it has me wound this tightly.

Yes, I get that bigger, badder things are happening in the world today… 

That’s why we should embrace the positive in all things, even if it’s a stretch to push out the petty negative niggles scratching at us for attention.

I failed today… 

The needy kitten of negativity has scratched enough to claw my attention to its pitiful mewling and I’ve anguished over posting this but catharsis and a need to get back to bad Netflix originals (on my day off) led to this verbal enema being poured out here, rather than straight onto a medium that craves negativity.

Facebook promotes negativity, it thrives on it.  In no small part due to the fact that we thrive on it – it’s our natural state.

Well screw that.  

Screw negativity.  

There are so many positive things going on right now. Let’s concentrate on the good – that’s what Christmas is all about right?

A former colleague used to say this to me daily,

Keep on swimming

And it’s only recently I came to understand him.

Fight the tide, resist the urge to meet negativity with negativity.

Surround yourself with the positive and give it freely to those around you… Swim hard against the dark currents.

Be excellent to each other… And don’t be a dick.


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