Dawn of Dystopia – No Hands on the Tiller

nohands_borisTL:DR – Wah, wah, boo hoo. Armaitus is unhappy for “reasons” yo… ooh look, the no-hands kitten…

I’ve seen a number of posts, over the last few days, railing against the current “Suck it Up” slash “Keep Calm and Carry On” culture. Hell, I’ve re-blogged some of the more eloquent posts that I’ve read.

As it stands we’re now 5 days into the Dawn of Dystopia that was brought on by the Brexit vote and I have to say I am no closer to “Person-of-non-specific-gendering the Fuck Up”.

The other day I posted about how I haven’t felt like this since being diagnosed with Type-1 diabetes.

The similarities between that situation and this are very similar.

  • Both events happened on a Friday.
  • Both events led to a hellish weekend of uncertainty and isolation as I attempted to transform myself to cope with a new reality.

That’s where the similarities stop.

By the Tuesday, post-diagnosis, I was with it. I knew how to administer my own insulin injections, measure my blood sugar and even had a plan to get myself in shape to deal with a lifelong medical condition…

“Fuck yeah! Let’s do this”

That was a valid viewpoint post-diagnosis; it isn’t a valid viewpoint in this case.

I’m at the end of day 5 and I’m no closer to being able to cope with the dystopic-despondency that I find myself trapped in.

I find myself surrounded by a myriad different personalities on either side of the debate. Some of the more toxic personalities are those telling me I need to “get over it” and start pulling along with everyone else.

The problem is, I still disagree. The Kwisatz Haderach in me sees a dark, grim future down that path.  A future of poverty, destitution and death for many people that I care about.

Not only do I disagree with the choice that 52% (of 72% of those eligible to vote) of the population have made but also the fact that we had this vote foisted upon us, by a workshy government, in the first place.

If this debacle has shown us anything, it is the sheer irresponsibility of the powers that be.

The Conservatives are juggling the cyanide tooth that is party leadership. The opposition have turned on the one leader that’s actually motivated the party in years, and are looking to replace him in a similarly ill-timed leadership battle.

The people who led the Leave campaign have been shown to be bare-faced liars, deceiving an ill-informed electorate. Not one of them willing to take the lead in leaving the European Union.

Worse still, there is no plan post-brexit. Our politicians appear to be more suited to having their hands in the till than on the tiller.

In the meantime the Liberal Democrats are using this as an opportunity to gain votes, and therefore power, on a podium of Europhilia – whilst the very worst elements of society are crawling out of the woodwork and using the new wave of patriotism, and national pride, to beat and abuse anyone who doesn’t meet their idea of British citizenship.

nohansForeign nationals, people of colour, people with weird sounding names, people who look a little bit European, people who stand up to bullies – all targets for nationalist hatemongers.

And that’s the national picture.

Closer to home I am trapped in an environment of sore winners, gloating brexiteers and people who genuinely haven’t got a clue what they are talking about – and yet, in typical Brit-Abroad mentality shout louder the more you point out the flaws in their arguments.

There is no escape.

The catastrophic (yet not legally binding) decision made by the British public has brought about events that are going to result in loss of life, or at least loss of quality of life, for large swathes of the population… or so I believe.

This weekend I tried to get over it by socialising with LARP friends. I really tried.

We drank, we laughed and I tried to swallow back the bilious outpourings that kept clawing their way up, as my psyche tried to purge itself of the days psycho-toxins.

I spent the rest of the weekend sat in a hotel room (I’m a lush, OK), literally numb – stunned by the Dystopian visions of my Kwisatz Haderach mind.

And that’s where I am. Even now there’s a dark swelling that I’ve locked away in my mind. Like the guy in Scanners trying to block out the minds of those around him.

That’s why I’m not up for social interaction right now. I’m trying to get my head around the colossal cluster-fuck that is my core environment right now.

My Herzberg Factor is barely at 2 right now… that’s a massive crash down from 5.

And for the record, when I do pull myself out of this malaise it will not be to pull together and work towards the “Will of the People”.

Nope, I’m going to fight this however I can – as is my democratic right.

So, I apologise in advance for continued dustiness. Normal service will be resumed at some point.

And a final point. Some of those who know me should know that I don’t do blame.

There is no blame here. People were asked to pick between one choice or another – honestly, this collapse (society’s or my own) would have come sooner or later regardless of how the public voted. I don’t blame Leave voters for the status quo, I don’t hate anyone because they voted a different way to me – I’m used to it, I voted yellow or green for years.

People decided how to vote in ways personal to them. Some logical, some emotional. That’s how it works. I may not agree with the outcome but I don’t hold that against the voter.


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