Electile Dysfunction – De-mock-racy in the UK

princepulpI have ranted and raved about this subject before.

In fact, last year I gave voice to my political apathy and general disenfranchisement with regards the general election.

A year on, we are half way through a local election and I’m at a loss as to where I should cast my vote.

There are two issues to be voted upon:

  • Local council representation.
  • Police and Crime Commissioner.

Whilst the latter seems pretty well defined race (with adequate information out there for the more inquisitive voter).

In fact, in West Yorkshire, if you toss aside the UKIP and I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-UKIP candidates, you have a choice between:

  • The guy who appears to have done a good job of it so far.
  • The untested guy who wants to add more CCTV.
  • The untested guy who wants to spend all the reserve funds but doesn’t clearly say what he wants to spend it on.

That’s quit an easy choice for me to make, to be fair. I don’t even have to get into partisan politics. The guy whose party I wouldn’t normally vote for is doing a pretty bang up job so why stop him now?

The council elections, on the other hand, are pretty much unsupported in my area, with little to no information available to the electorate.

pulprosette_largeI’ve had a mountain of spam from the local Lib-Dem candidate; spam that reads just like every other local election year.

Before “the Coalition” I was pretty much a die hard Liberal but the last 6 years have served to drive me further and further away from them.

Locally the conservatives seem to be doing more for my Ward than the other parties – but again, their literature reads like the tired old spin that gets reeled off every year.

The other parties are non-entities in my ward.

The single flyer I have had for the Labour candidate tells me nothing more than the chap’s name.  I feel racist for thinking it but I choose to interpret his standing as “Token Asian candidate in a Ward we’ll never win”.

The green party have a new name but through years of searching, I still have no evidence that they have done anything to look out for environmental issues in my Ward. Which is ridiculous when you consider how much effort both Tory and Lib-Dem candidates do on that front… the very least the candidate could do is ride their coat tails.

And so, later this evening, I’ll stroll down to the polling station and cast my vote blind – putting the mockery into democracy once more.



2 thoughts on “Electile Dysfunction – De-mock-racy in the UK

  1. It was the liberals that buggered up UK democracy 6 years ago, climbing into bed with a semi-rabid Tory party intent on bringing back serfs and lackeys. They, the liberals were voted for (by me at least) because they would see to it that a fairer election system would be implemented and that charges for university education would not be imposed. Neither of which were carried out. They have betrayed me and young people for generations to come. We now have a fully rabid Tory government that needs a shot up the backside to show how dangerously close they are to completely shagging up our country. Just saying :0)

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