When the Going Gets Tough…

mudderA couple of years ago a good friend of mine discovered that he had Cancer.

I’ve had a couple of scares in my life (who hasn’t?) but his story really struck home – similar age, life style and outlook on life, my friend had been struck with the big “C”.

Since then, my friend has recovered and has used turned the experience on its head, using it to drive his life in a positive manner.

Other have not been so lucky.

It’s probably my age but as I approach the big four-oh I lose more and more loved ones to Cancer: a good friend’s Father, a fellow LARPer… but still more fight Cancer and rely on charities like Macmillan to help them carry on the fight to survive.

At the back end of last year, my friend announced that he would be doing Tough Mudder, to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support.  He also asked if any of his friends would be up to the challenge with him.

Macmillan helped my friend out as he went through his cancer battle and I know many other people with similar stories of the support that Macmillan provide to people in need.

Naturally, I said “Hell yes!” to my  friend’s request and will be taking the Tough Mudder challenge with friends on September 13th 2014 in Cheshire.

Please support us by visiting our Just Giving page (De La Luna Tough Mudders) and making a donation.



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