Movember 2012 – By Effort of Will

2012-11-16 SmallAlmost every morning this month I have taken a shot of my beautiful chops and the burgeoning moustache that lies within.

I was lacks at first but from the 5th of Movember onwards I’ve taken a shot every day.

I’ve used my flawed (the GPS is crippled) HTC One X and its 10 second auto shutter feature, which gives plenty of time to compose myself waiting for the shot.

Some morning’s it has been a struggle though, I had never noticed before just how bedraggled I allowed myself to look.

Some mornings I look like a forty-something factory worker coming off an 18 hour shift.

By effort of will I end up looking relatively “normal”, normal for me anyway.

For those who are interested, here’s a little morph I set up from this morning’s Mo-Progress shot.

Effort of WillThe reversion from normal to puffy eyed looks like the onset of anaphylactic shock!


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