Movember 2012 – Every Man and His Dog

Ben SugdenToday I have been accused of ageism in my lack of interest in legacy development software and also questioned on the relevance of a inviting a lady to join my Movember fundraising team.

I’ve successfully defended myself on both counts, proving that you don’t have to be a twenty-something to use Visual Studio 2012; and also pointing out that Mo Sistas are an essential part of Movember fundraising efforts.

So I’m a little hesitant at entitling this entry as “Every Man and His Dog”; there are ladies, dogs and cats supporting Movember – I’d hate to think that such a gender specific title offends people.

The title is well intentioned.

A few days ago, I mentioned that so many people seem to be participating in Movember this year that support is spread very thin.

It would be callous and selfish in the extreme to expect everybody to support every single participant who is trying to raise funds.

At the time of writing this there are 312,921 registered participants in the United Kingdom alone.  That’s more than any other country in the world and there are a fair few countries involved.

More impressive than those lofty figures are the numbers involved within my own social network – and most likely within your own.

I’m lucky enough to be classified as a “hub” within social networking/engineering circles (I read a book about it once); with over 700 contacts spread across a range of demographics (although most are LARP types).

And so what I would like to do here is promote some of their efforts too.

It really doesn’t matter who you support to help raise funds for Men’s Health through Movember.

What matters is supporting the cause not the person.

And so I thought I’d profile the proverbial every man and list those people involved in Movember 2012 that I’m aware of.

Alistair Millington

Alistair Millington

Andrew Turner (Abzorb)

Andrew Turner

Bradley Holmes (Abzorb)

Bradley Holmes

Danny Beeby (Abzorb)

Danny Beeby

Dan MacMillan

Dan MacMillan

Dave Elder

Dave Elder

David Barlow (Abzorb)

David Barlow

David “Afro Dave” Mills

David Mills

Dean Pye

Dean Pye

Graeme Baldwin

Graeme Baldwin

Jonathan Attwood (Abzorb)

Jonathan Attwood

Jonathan Peck

Jon Peck

Katrina Poole (Abzorb)

Katrina Poole

Kevin McLaughlin

Kevin McLaughlin

Leigh Cheshire

Leigh Cheshire

Nadim Akhtar

Nadim Aktar

Stephen Hurley

Stephen Hurley

Steven Hargreaves (Abzorb)

Steven Hargreaves

Stuart Maher

Stuart Maher

 Steve PinkSteve Pink

Twenty people who care enough about Men’s Health issues to do something about raising money and awareness.; nineteen people to choose from when supporting Movember – a donation to any single one of them is still supporting the other eighteen.

Surely they deserve everybody’s support?


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