Electile Dysfunction

OpophisAs I write this, the 2012 US Election is a sure win for Obama.

With only Florida to declare in their crazy colonial electoral system, Lewis Hamilton-o-like change-monger, Barack Obama looks set to sit a second term in the oval office.

Not that I care.

Actually, that’s unfair… I do care; as a world super power, whoever controls the United States has a massive impact on the world’s politics and economy.  And I’m glad that Obama got in again,the other guy scared the cheeses out of me.

The problem is that I feel almost pressured into caring.

The UK media covers no other country’s elections with the same vigour, fervour and ubiquity as its own (General Election) and those for the United States (Presidency and Candidacy).

Even our own regional elections receive less coverage.

To reinforce that statement, the United Kingdom goes to the polls again this month and I am so ill informed that I am not sure I can place a vote.

Don’t get me wrong, I will vote but I am going to have to put in a lot of effort to find out about my local candidates.

I have this problem every May, when the time comes to vote in the local elections.

Little or no information is shared by the local parties and local media do little to pass on information regarding candidates.

I am possibly being a little unfair, there may be coverage during the day whilst I am at work but local news, papers and radio do little to inform me of the choices available to me.

On November 15th 2012 the United KLingdom goes to the polls to decide who will sit as their regional Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC).

This may seem trivial to some but actually it is quite important; it is very rare that we – the people – are given opportunity to have an opinion in this way and so I for one will be glad to cast a vote on the matter.

But who for?

The press are full of hype (actually they mention it as a foot note to something else, like the US Presidential Elections) over the forthcoming Elections for Police and Crime Commissioners, but they don’t give me any more details than that.

West Yorkshire‘s TV news outlets (Look North and Calendar) go into great detail about the candidates for the East Riding and Hull.

My partner tells me that there was even a labour candidate for West Yorkshire on the radio yesterday.

So my only recourse is to gather the information myself.

There is a website that tells us all about the candidates in our area: Choose My NCC.

My own region has four candidates standing, three men and a lady.

Mark Burns-Williamson appears to have done a similar job before.

Geraldine Carter is a Counsillor for Calderdale Council who has sat on Police boards before.

Cedric Christie is an independent candidate with slightly conservative views on policing (and defence of the home).

And finally, Andrew Marchington has worked with people in a similar field but in my personal opinion seems the weaker candidate.

I have no idea on their policies or selling points other than what I have just read on that website – short of emailing them and receiving pre-planned rhetoric I don’t think I’ll have any more than that to go on Next Thursday when I cast my vote.


3 thoughts on “Electile Dysfunction

  1. 4 people to vote for, take a d4 and cast the die. Politics in this country like anything else that takes some form of intelligence to engage with has become “uncool” to the point of its cool to be stupid. The fact that more and more people are watching more and more “Britains got the x-factor come dine with my celerbrity dance off” just shows how low we are going.

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