Movember 2012 – Day 6

2012-11-06I now have six days lip growth.

This in and of itself is not impressive, I’m certainly lazy enough to have gone longer than six days without shaving.

Normally I have this much beard growth after one of the Lorien Trust mainline events, usually the Gathering.

In fact I often shave down late on the night of returning from these LRP events, making comedy moustaches as I go.

As a blonde (I can prove it) my facial hair isn’t always apparent but it is usually the 5 or 6 day mark that my fuzz becomes unkempt.

It was around the Day 2 shave down that I decided on what I refer to in my head as Guido Style.

It looks like two of my colleagues are going the same way with a musketeer top lip and soul patch.

Closer - Day 6Six days in and the hardest challenge seems to be getting the team together for a semi-regular update – and attracting donations of course.

So many people seem to be doing Movember this year that support is spread thing amongst the participants.

6 Days in 3 Shots

That being said, I am very grateful for those who have donated so far.

As an aside, I have taken to taking a daily shot using the timer-delay function on my HTC One X.

It’s a great camera but a shame about the GPS issues.

By the end of Movember I should be able to put together a nice stop motion animation of my fugly-mug.

If you would like to make a donation then please feel free to donate anything you can to me or my team.

Thank You!


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