Movember 2012 – The Day Before Tomorrow


Hair Free Lip

Tomorrow, the mo-growth (mowth ?) begins.

Today, I dine out to avoid local beggars “trick or treating” (I wouldn’t mind if they actually wore costumes … or were children).

Unlike my own selfish habits on All Hallow’s Eve, it would be awesome if you could donate to Movember and support me in the soul-bending task of moustache growth in the name of Men’s Health.

I appreciate every man and his dog appears to be doing it these days but that is a good thing! Trust me.

If you don’t donate via me, donate via somebody else – or sign up and try attract more donations through your own efforts.

This is the last of the Movember spam on here for a while.

I’ll probably do a mowth update on Monday and weekly thereafter; although I’ll be keeping my team’s mo-space up to date more frequently.


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