Movember 2012 – Pre-Mo Team Update

Six of SevenAt the start of the month I mentioned that I had decided to take part in the annual charity shindig that is Movember.

I believe that I also mentioned that I wasn’t doing it alone.

A number of colleagues had expressed an interest in passing, none of them more eager than our Customer Care expert Bradley.

Over the last month, the team has grown to seven of us; with representatives from throughout the business.

Check Your Junk

Remember kids, as my colleague demonstrates here, it is always wise to check your junk!

We have a couple of veterans in our eCommerce guru Danny and bean counter David as well as Jonny and Andrew from the sales team.

The six of us are joined by Steven who sits on the management team with me; seven samurai, ready to wield badly grown ‘tashes in the battle against testy cancer and dodgy prostates.

Today we took a team photo and started out on the long month to come, with much work still to do in promoting our efforts to the rest of the business, friends and family.

The challenge met today was to finally get as many of us together for the team photo as possible.

Colleague Jonny is somewhat photo-phobic – I’m not saying he sparkles in daylight and doesn’t show up in mirrors but he is somewhat camera shy – insisting on being represented by a stick man.

Lord AttwoodThis has given me the added incentive of creating my first ever Order of the Stick style graphic.

Of course it doesn’t sit perfectly in the team shot, which means I may have to create one for all of us.

We start mo-growth the day after tomorrow and would appreciate any and all donations to the team.

Seven Samurai


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