Movember 2012 – Beginnings

Nice Tash

The first tash that anybody took seriously on me. Whilst a strapping fake, this beauty got me a vote of 8 out of 10 on Hot or Not back in 2005.

The weekend just gone, my family were deeply effected by the passing of an old acquaintance.

I say that my family were effected as it is that which has effected me most of all; rather than the loss of the individual themselves.

In truth, I barely knew the departed, despite having lived next door to him for at least 40% of my life.  My parents however, are of a similar age and currently living through that period where friends and acquaintances start to shuffle off.

The loss of our former next door neighbour seems to have struck them quite hard.

This, more than the death itself, has had a knock-on effect in my own psyche.

A More Recent Fake

This more recent fake is fashioned from my own hair!

I came to terms with mortality years ago and seem to have a healthy reaction to people’s passing; but the effect death has on other people still knocks me for six – I guess I can be too empathic at times.

Now it may seem something of a non sequitur but I’ve decided this year to sign up to Movember and try raise some money for men’s health charities.

The death of my old next door neighbour isn’t the only reason but it’s certainly the proverbial last straw.

I’ve had my fair share of scares when it comes to “Men’s Health” and will no doubt receive more as the years go on.  You don’t take the amount of pharmaceutically produced pills and sub-cutaneous injections as I do daily without expecting something to go wrong in the body.

My posts on the Church of Pfizer should give a clear indication of my thinking there.

Fake Tash Employed

Acceptable use of moustache fakery!

I also have friends of my own that I see living through their own “Men’s Health” issues and it is remarkable that we can talk about these issues amongst ourselves without getting all metro-sexual on each other.

(Although checking my “Junk” still illicits a childish giggle, either in g-mail or the bathroom).

When I was first diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes I spent a week in the urology ward at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary.  That’s a tale in itself but the majority of patients on the ward were there because of prostate cancer.  Men twenty years older than me or more, faces flushed a deep crimson with agony as they suffer the humiliating after-effects of their operations only to be told that the surgeon “couldn’t catch it all” or worse, that “it has returned”.

The Folly of Youth

The only genuine growth on here, my first and last attempt at any form of facial hair.

It was prostate cancer that did for my old neighbour.  It went into remission, then returned and finally spread to other areas of his body… a story I am sure many of you are familiar with.

And so I’ve decided to grow a comedy moustache for charity… to be fair any moustache is likely to be comedic on my rosey face.

I am not doing it alone, a few colleagues at work have mentioned a passing interest in Movember over the last few weeks, so we’ve set up a team.

It would be great if you could support us, either morally or financially (with a donation through the Movember site).

The Team Logo

How such a simple adornment can transform a logo into such a gentlmanly image, I will never understand.

We’re doing it with or without support, the aim is to spread awareness of “Men’s Health” issues as well as raise money and some people prefer to concentrate on that – personally I want to raise as much cash as I can for Movember.

I am definitely going to be posting pictures and team updates on the Movember site and will likely spread some of the lip-hair here.

My own Movember page is here: Armaitus on Movember. My team can be found here: Abzorb on Movember.

If I can’t raise funds by growing facial hair what can I do?

In the meantime, I’ve interspersed this post with moustache related images from my own past.


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