Don’t Let the Glassdoor Hit You…etc.

I’m inspired to vent a my rage, albeit briefly.

Maybe I’m inspired to give in to rage by a recent viewing of Avengers Assemble (“Mewling Quim“? Really Mr. Whedon, you spoil us) but I am now onto my fourth attempt at ridding myself of the plague that is

Several months ago, a few of my facebook contacts sent me invitations to join this seemingly innocuous corporate social networking site. Sort of a start-up LinkedIn where the idea is to find out “Insider Info” on potential employers or business partners.

I followed the links and instantly took a dislike to the site. was obviously only interested in my tipping my hat to the inside secrets of my employer.

Now anybody who knows me will know who retentitively obsessive I am about loyalty to my career – the concepts of “insider secrets” or “corporate espionage” are an anathema to me.

So I removed myself from the site and had nothing more to do with it.

Which is more than I can say for

I now receive semi-regular spam from them.

The first few times I received them I just deleted them, like I do normal junk mail.

After a while I became annoyed enough to click the link in the email that says unsubscribe (go on, click it, it changes nothing).

Still I receive the mail and I have now attempted unsubscription four times… four times!

Each time I receive the same polite message:

You’re all set – you won’t receive any more emails from us.

But each time this is proven to be a lie by the subsequent nonsense email sent from them.

Gah! Glassdoor? Assdoor more like.  They may as well re-brand as LockedIn.

Rage over.


One thought on “Don’t Let the Glassdoor Hit You…etc.

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