Lego 9470 – Shelob Attacks

2012-08-20 20.37.30I haven’t done this before, writing up a Lego build but it’s something I’m considering with some of the larger sets that I’ve been sitting on for over a decade saving until I have space to display them (and time to build them).

Aside form the fact that I’ve been hankering for Lego Lord of the Rings sets since I first saw someone’s fan rendition of the crossing of the ford at Rivendell, it’s also a great opportunity to trial sharing images from my dropbox account.  Actually scratch that, the dropbox thing doesn’t work, probably something to do with the links being HTTPS, oh well.

The Brick Tales site is well worth a visit if you haven’t seen it before; as is the Brick Testament if you’ve never seen that.

2012-08-21 20.59.27So, anyway.  I’ve already picked up Gandalf Arrives and received The Orc Forge as a welcome birthday gift earlier in the year.  I’ve built the Gandalf set already but have kept the larger set until I have time and space, as mentioned above.

So this is LEGO The Lord of the Rings 9470: Shelob Attacks a nice little set for those of us not too arachnophobic to be put off it.

We’ll start with the box contents.

Randomly packaged like Lego sets have seemed to be since I can remember.  Once emptied out into the box, you can see some sort of sentience to the way the bricks have been bagged but who cares… box full of Lego!

As always, I start with the minifigs – in this case, Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee and Smeagol.

Gollum (Smeagol)

Frodo Baggins

Samwise Gamgee

A good set of minifigs, and the only way to get Gollum I think.

Once started with the minifigs, the guide booklet has us build a little doodad for Gollum to live in… I say “live in”, I mean “be hurled out of” with a warning to not cause injury whilst hurling.

Gollum’s Doodad!

The Doodad is quite cute, although the warning is comical and amuses me no more now than it did the first time I saw it in a Lego guide booklet years ago.

Hurl Gollum at your enemies!

The capability to catapult Gollum is one that I explored before continuing with the build but was something of an anticlimax.

The next stage of the build was Shelob’s cephalothorax


Longer Legs…

Mmm… tasty cephalothorax.

Now we build the abdomen and spinner.

And attach to create Shelob!

Of course, Shelob didn’t have to be a spider.  Shelob could be whatever Shelob damn well pleased (of course, a being of such darkness and evil is probably suited to an arachnoid form).

Once complete, it’s always nice to see the entire set in context…

Although the minifigs are likely to be separated from Shelob forever now as Shelob hangs menacing the Gryphon Faction on my bookshelves.

This was quite a pleasant set to build.  I’ve built the giant spider from Lego Harry Potter previously and I think I prefer Shelob.

The winch/silk system takes me back to sets I had as a child.

I also think it is worth getting the set for the two Stings and three “One Ring”s that come with it… and Gollum.  I’d like to think that the three rings are a mistake and that I’ve actually been given the three for the Elven Kings.  *sigh*

A good friend of mine received this set last week and put forward the proposition that Frodo could probably have done with the help of the Masterchief in battling Shelob.

As you can see in the video below, Shelob is a little larger than the UNSC can currently throw at it.


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