A Third Of The Way To Eleventy One

Ragey RageyIt’s a whole leap year since my last birthday; a hellish day that was, fraught with technical failures and very nearly broke me.

I’m now a third of the way to my Eleventy First birthday, which is fine for Hobbits but it’ll likely be a struggle for me.

A year on and everything seems to have changed… and yet stayed almost the same.

My employer has moved to new, more comfortable, premises but has chosen to appoint a senior manager as a buffer between my peers on the management team and the board.

I’ve learned to handle the stress in my own way and avoid the standard methods (as these led to the problems I encountered last year); and more importantly I’ve learned where my real priorities lie.

At home, heavy machinery has moved in to start cutting away at the beautiful environment around me; with the threat of a data centre still looming across the road.

It’s been something of a sad year in parts, with many friends losing loved ones and my own Great Uncle, Derek Barber, conducting his final research into the physical existence of the soul.

It hasn’t all been doom and gloom though.

WarholI’ve run three LRP events in the last year, a banquet and two campaign events in the Lorien Trust game world.  All three were successes in their own ways and should be a good foundation for  events in the coming year.

I’ve also finally got round to reading Alan Moore’s Promethea series and, this month, started Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series (2 books in, I can’t believe I’ve never bothered before now).

Meanwhile, the national press continue to gloss over the steady decline of the United Kingdom’s economy by focusing on the Olympic Games; whilst armchair eschatologists like me sit back and ponder what manner of change 21/12/2012 will bring.

Whether you believe the mayans were onto something or they just ran out of room, the coming year does feel like a year of change…

Don’t let them immanentize the eschaton.




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