NationStates – Skeleton Invasion

My Flag

As I’ve mentioned before one of the only web based I involve myself in is NationStates.

Play is all about the long game in NationStates but the region I’m in, Wysteria, does allow for as much or as little role-play as you’re comfortable with.

Normally I skulk in the background, scouring through the forums once in a blue moon and hardly ever posting.

Recently the region was “invaded” (in a nice way when compared to some of the griefing you see happen in other regions) by a Skeleton Army who seem hell bent on enforcing some form of femur-based surrender and barbecues.

Now, as I say, I don’t normally chip in so much with the roleplay side of life in Wysteria but this invasion has my interest piqued. So as a break from an evening at the codeface, I’ve tried to depict the invasion from the point of view of The Cthonian Wasteland.

 The Skeleton Queen and Her Army

Here we have the Skeleton Queen Ramazakal and a few minions from her army.

The Secret Six (Minus One)

And here we have Om-Mani-Padme-Pope Armaitus Syn and four other members of the “Secret Six” occultist heroes of the Cthonian Wasteland.

From left to right:

  • Adamine Lan, Knight Templar of the Ordo Architeuthis.
  • Lord Mundi of Old Imboca, Grand Master of the self same knightly order (Not to be confused with Baron Mundi).
  • Armaitus Syn, Beloved O.M.P. Pope (on a rope); the Wasteland’s president for the past decade.
  • And finally the alleged demigods, Poseidon Jr. and the Dagon Kid, with one of their trusty Octosteeds.

 Erm… maybe I’ve been reading too much Alan Moore lately… back to the codeface then…


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