Sexuality in IT Recruitment

I occasionally fill in online surveys that are relevant to my professional field. In fact this recently paid off for me when I won a £200 Amazon gift certificate for completing a survey on enterprise database systems from Computing magazine (the only money I’ve made out of Oracle to date).

This lunchtime I received a survey request from the popular online IT recruitment portal CWJobs.

The subject matter of the survey was simply a couple of questions regarding my opinion on online recruitment and whether I thought it should be focused on a specific skillset or open to multiple talents.

As with all surveys, it came to a close with questions regarding my demographic.

Are you Male or Fenale?

What age group are you?

What region do you live in?

And then the survey threw me something of an inswing:

What floats your boat?

Which of the following best describes your sexuality?

My first impression was pretty much:

How is this in anyway relevant to my opinions on IT Recruitment?

But as my internal caring module began swinging between “Meh!” and “How very dare they” my internal analysis module kicked in and posed the question:

Forget all that… what on earth does “other” mean in the context of this question?

My ICM was blown away! It’s one thing to debate what relevance my sexuality is to CWJobs but quite another when they throw “Other” into the works.

By adding a tangential “Other”, they are extending sexuality away from the already complex realms of boy/girl (including transgender) preferences. The question is no longer one of simple sexuality but one of “What floats your boat?”.

The question didn’t go so far as to offer a comments box, as most questions do with an option of “Other”. So CWJobs weren’t interested as to whether your selection of “Other” meant “Confused” or “Furry” – just that you consider your sexual preference diverse enough that Hetero, Homo, Bi or None (which I guess would cover celibacy) doesn’t cover the bill.

Even assuming that this is the case, and CWJobs are happy in the knowledge that I do not consider my sexuality complicated enough to click “Other”, the question still remains:

How is this in any way relevant to the field of IT Recruitment?


2 thoughts on “Sexuality in IT Recruitment

  1. Currently seeking a BDSM beardback with Oracle 11g, java and SQL Server 2012. Anal a requirement, both pitcher and catcher. Extensive knowledge requirement based SCAT gathering and ‘Twos up’ delivery. Shaving would be considered a definite advantage.

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