Magic In Literature

Last week I made a rash comment on Everwalker’s blog about having read up on magic throughout history.

Everwalker very kindly gave me the opportunity to expand on those comments; something I am hardly ever asked to do.

Everwalker has continued in her kindness by posting my thoughts here: Everwalker: Writing About Writing

I apologise in advance for my failings as a historian, I’m not as fastidious and far too prone to  digression.


3 thoughts on “Magic In Literature

  1. Couldn’t find space for a mention of Alan Moore? Poor chap’s probably crying into his epic beard as we speak. 🙂

    Nice article though, has enlivened my monday morning no end!

  2. Thanks Graeme … to be fair the recursive subject of Alan Moore and his impact on contemporary magical practice and its impact on Alan Moore warrants far more time, words and effort than I could put into it right now.

    I do plan on moving onto some Summer research into Moore’s more occult delvings though.

    The links being the source material I need to acquire 😉

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