Investigating Lindley Church Amateur Operatic Society

Lindley AmateursOver the past month or so I have been setting up a WordPress blog to report on the doings of my local Amateur Operatic Society.

My partner is a member of their committee and is soon to play the part of Emily Pankhurst (Emmiline Pankurst in the musical) in their forthcoming performance of Below Stairs.

It has been tricky a there isn’t much of a written history, although I suspect there is a lot more than I have found so far.

I will probably end up joining the society as a fully paid up member, which will be useful for gaining more details… I already attend most of the dinners, functions and shows after all.

The upshot of my findings so far is that the Lindley Church Amateur Operatic Society was founded in principle in 1934 and in name in 1935, after its first performance of an operatta titled Irish Girl.

There does seem to be evidence of an older society not affiliated with the Church itself but only in the shape of the show poster that you can see at the top right of this post.

If you want to read more of my findings then you can read Raising the Rafters – In the Beginning.


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