Word Invention – Graffilosophy

Moo! VacantI posted yesterday about a piece of graffilosophy on a canal bridge near Huddersfield.

Talking about it with colleagues today, we were unsure as to whether the term “Graffilosophy” had ever been used before.

I am very surprised to find that it only seems to have been used online once before, on a hispanic photo blog.

So I’ve put a request in to the Urban Dictionary to define the term as:

Philosophy depicted through street art or graffiti.
The works of Banksy could be said to be graffilosophical.
“Smoke di smack, you’ll be back.
Think I’m joking, just keep smoking…”
Maybe it is already in use offline but it still gives me a warm glow to be at the forefront of online linguisitics.

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