LRP – Simple Hedge Magic

As I am sure I have mentioned before, one of my hobbies is Live Action Roleplaying or LRP/LARP.

I currently play one of the leaders of the Gryphon faction in the Lorien Trust system; Archduke Spiky Norris, a Fae/Fey Hedgehog.

(not a common faerie tale character, I grant you, but have come across all sorts of forest dwelling faerie folk in the past).

LARP is all about adopting a role and acting it out throughout the course of an event – no matter how long that event is.

The character I play, at the time of writing, is a magic user.

Not all LRP systems have a magic system but most fantasy based ones do.  Magic is an integral part of the Lorien Trust system.

Over the past 5 or 6 years I’ve played the character as someone recently awakened after a long sleep, teaching themselves the way of the world.  More recently I have developed a rare grasp of higher magics and have played this as if I have studied other high magic users to learn from them.

Over the past couple of years I have genuinely learnt a lot about how different LRP players play magic users within the Lorien Trust game world and so I decided to put together an in-character guide on how to be an effective magic user.

I printed a couple of copies out, giving one to the Guild of Mages and one to my faction librarian.

Here is an exerpt:

Mending of Shattered Items and Constructs – “By the power of magic I Mend that shield”

Let`s not beat around the bush.  You`re called upon to cast this spell, because a supposed friend and ally couldn`t be bothered to visit the guilds and learn how to hold their stuff together.  A rival caster has cast a Shatter spell on their weapon, or shield, and now they expect you to patch it up for them.

Who are you, their mother? No! (Unless you are actually their mother but even then, this level of usury is just as unforgiveable in a family member as it is in a friend).

I do appreciate that you can`t always decline in the heat of battle but those mend spells, that you just cast for your friends, could amount to the power you need later tonight to save your life, as well as theirs.

Your friends need educating.  You are not their shatter-repair tool.  It is relatively simple to pick up an immunity from the guilds that means that this need never happen.  Educate your friends and hope that the only time you need cat this spell is to repair a friendly construct, or other ritually empowered being, whose wounds can be cured with this spell.

The idea was to write something that could be used as an in-character guide to the basic magic system, with in-character jibes and guidance towards my own style of playing my magic using character.

Playing a wizard can be fun but a lot of new players are overwhelmed by the number of spells available and often don’t think how those spells could be applied.

When I first played the Lorien Trust system, I would regularly spend my entire power allocation for the day in the first fight that came along; leaving me bereft of power for the rest of the day.

A lot of people sell their in-character works to make in-character money but I’m vain enough to get by just knowing people have read what I have written.

With that in mind, I have saved the document as a PDF and offer it up for your perusal here: Simple Hedge Magic and the Conservation of Power

Addendum: The font I created the original in isn’t great for reading, so I’ve produced a legible version, apologies to those who persisted with the first: Simple Hedge Magic and the Conservation of Power – legible


5 thoughts on “LRP – Simple Hedge Magic

  1. Genuinely interesting. When I read through this sort of thing I occasionally find myself wishing LARP were something I could do. It is a too social pass time for my personality though I am afraid. The lengthy expose by the player ‘gRUBSteak’ which i came across the other year show a rather dissipated and distasteful view of ‘monstrin down’ also.

    The fact there is room for such a detailed document inside the rule/world system is nonetheless impressive in the extreme. Perhaps you should set yourself up as an unofficial publisher of Lorien Trust material which you periodically gather into combined reference volumes – like what would now be called the ‘community’ genesis of the ‘Companions I-VI’ for Rolemaster.

    • I miss Rolemaster…

      There are hundreds of player generated IC documents within the gameworld.

      A year or so ago the Gathering was held at “The Great Library of Norhault”. Players were paid IC cash for any form of IC documentation that was available. This was all stored in the set piece where other players got chance to sit and read a wealth of histories, group backgrounds and whimsical narratives.

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