Double 18

Bill & TedToday I should be celebrating my thirty-sixth birthday – three lots of twelve – six sixes.

Eighteen years on from my eighteenth birthday, sat in Foggy’s living room “sharing” a bottle of Jack Daniels.

I suppose I am celebrating in in my own way…

If pulling another 16 hour shift troubleshooting and fixing a corrupted Exchange 2003 database classes as a celebration.

It’s a strange time; I suppose it is genuinely “midlife” if you go by the three score and ten rule, although I hope to far outlive that meager prediction.

I don’t drive, so a sporty car is out of the question… and I’m OCD enough to never settle on a decent tattoo design.

So I seem to be spending my midlife drowning myself in selfish and decadent pursuits… just like the rest of my life, I guess.

Still, I look at the world around me and there seems to be crisis enough, without me whining on.

Young BenjiWith the socio-economic decline of the UK nearing a state of uncivil-war.  Rioting youths in the streets, the likes of which we’ve never seen in our lifetimes, I should count myself lucky that I have the opportunity to celebrate my birthday through the medium of gainful employment.

After all, I’ve got to pay for that birthday meal somehow.

If I look back at how the world has changed since 1993 I find myself quite surprised and I really shouldn’t be.

Early TwentiesFrom 1975 to 1993 the society I was brought up in grew to shun prejudice, encourage charity and promote open mindedness.

Through this period I saw new technologies dominate the stock markets and the church overtaken by pop-culture with celebrities becoming the new sainthood.

Then from 1993 to 2011 we’ve seen popular charity devolve to entertainment, a return to xenophobic jingoism and the cult of celebrity reach new highs of mass-moronic addiction.

Rage With a Big SwordFrom the seventies to nineties the internet was relatively unheard of.

In 1996 we struggled with expensive dial up and chatted through ICQ or usenets.

Now we thrive on high speed mobile data connections, feeding multiple social networks with uninteresting trivia and wasting hours on self gratification.

In the last eighteen years I’ve started and quit smoking, put on around half a stone for each of those years and been diagnosed with Type-1 Diabetes.

I’ve failed a degree twice and worked my way up four different companies.

So what about the next eighteen years?

Last WeekendIn theory we’ll be nine years into the cyberpunk era and a few years off my second saturn-return.

It would be nice to think that I’ll reach the carrot-on-a-stick that is the capitalist dream of financial security and a role where I’m the boss or at least appreciated for my self-harming work ethic.

I’d like to see stem-cell research ethically accepted and not suppressed by the big pharmaceuticals – and (selfishly) I’d like to see a cure for Diabetes.

Well here’s to another round – my Exchange server is back up and running now… so I’m off to celebrate properly.


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