Archaeology – Lindley Moor Update

Lindley Moor 1For the past two weeks, there have been a number of archaeologists working on Lindley Moor.

At least I guess they’re archaeologists.

As I’ve mentioned before, these archaeologists don’t look like the archaeologists I know personally but the it takes all sorts.

The archaeologists are rumoured to be looking for evidence of a Roman Road at a contentious site that is currently the centre of a controversial planning application.

Lindley Moor 2

The Roman Road is thought to lead to the old fort of Cambodunum at Slack in nearby Outlane.

This morning it looks like the archaeologists have either moved away from the north-east sector of the site, to another part of the site, or they’re finished and moved on to their next project.

Over the last couple of days I’ve diverted from my evening stroll to explore the areas they have been investigating.

It has been a diverting experience; I’ve shared the fields with an enigmatic metal detector and his dog (who both seemed called from the works of M. R. James when I first encountered them).

I’ve also explored areas of the site that I have never visited before, either through laziness or the presence of violent livestock.

Lindley Moor 3I’ve had opportunity to speak to strange locals and also meet calmer, less violent livestock.

Over the last two evenings I’ve managed to bore the viewers of YouTube to tears with recordings of the various dig sites.

At first I thought that I might be overdoing it but in retrospect the videos may be all that people have to remind themselves of such a beautiful area and the lengths people went to to try prevent the local council and property developers from further destruction to our precious green belt.

Looking at the many dig sites on site (and I think some stretch off the main development site) a few have some interesting elements.

Aside form signs of recent construction materials and ceramics that may or may not have been planted as a hoax, there are also areas that the archaeologists have concentrated on… presumably with toothbrushes.

Lindley Moor 4A couple show signs of the continuation exisitng dry stone walls… but older.  As if the buildings and walls on site have been pulled back since their original construction.

Most interesting of all are the two sites containing what look like walled up culverts of some kind.  I’ve been back this evening to get pictures of the culverts for this blog.

I’m not convinced the archaeologists are done with the site yet but I’m also not convinced that anything they find will prevent the area being tarmacked over and turned into a disused data campus.

The videos are many in number but all are available on my YouTube channel.  I’d love for you to see them, so I have listed the relevant videos below.

The first three are from July 26th 2011, when I explored the southern sector of Lindley Moor and spread round to cover the western side.

The rest are from the evening of July 27th 2011, when I intended to cover the rest of the site but simply ended up ambling the whole site.

I also saw some of the local fauna…


3 thoughts on “Archaeology – Lindley Moor Update

  1. “At least, I guess they’re archeologists”

    Are they all suspiciously Aryan? Do they have a ‘chosen one’? If so, be a bit wary. #DarkSeasonFTW

      • That settles it then. They want to build a “Data Centre” because you’ve got a cold war supercomputer buried near your house. One that is inexplicably more powerful than a modern-day equivalent.

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