Objection – Lindley Moor Update

Lindley MoorAs my partner drove me to work this morning, we noticed more activity in the north-east corner of Lindley Moor.

A couple of cars had pulled up in the field and the occupants were walking towards one of the exploratory gouges that I wrote about the other day.

The pair looked like archaeologists… or at least they looked nothing like friends of mine who are actually archaeologists (and look like archaeologists) but they had an academic air about them.

Maybe it’s dust from so many digs.

I am genuinely eager to hear about what – if anything – they find up at Lindley Moor.  I love the fact that I could be living so close to a site of archaeological significance.

I’ve also spotted posters in my neighbours’ windows now – proudly stating:


If I weren’t on a cul-de-sac I’d probably join them; nobody would see them though.

I’ve no idea whether my cul-de-sac neighbours support or object to the plans; I’m not particularly neighbourly or sociable at the best of times.  A nod here and a “Morning” there is the best most get out of me.

I’d love to know if they’re objecting, as I am, and if they too have written to object to the plans to build on our local greenery.

I printed letters for my partner and I today.

They’re based on standard letters that have been distributed to some of the Save Lindley Moor group on facebook.  I tweaked a couple of things because I feel guilty that I didn’t write my own from scratch; I also embellished them with personal points of view with regards the archaeological significance and additional contention on local internet use.

I’ll copy one below, in case it inspires others to do the same.

Ben Sugden
West Yorkshire
12th July 2011

RE: Planning Application 2011/91518 (Data Campus)


Dear Sir/Madam,

I write to strongly object to the use of the Lindley Moor to build upon.  There are plenty of disused and derelict brownfield sites that are ripe for redevelopment, in and around the entire Kirklees area; many of these in areas that need the revitalisation.  This is a beautiful area that should not be spoiled by gouging out great expanses of earth, forever changing the area – for the worse.

Already, the area is over subscribed in terms of schools, traffic and congestion.  Originally from the Colne Valley, I have worked hard to afford a house in an area where hills and fields are minutes away from my home.   For over 12 years I have lived in this area and I do not want to see it ruined; I do not want to see the area turn into an urban nightmare and have the area’s atmosphere changed by more houses, more people, more cars, more pollution and more crime.

Enough is enough!  For over 20 years, the developers have tried to get their hands on this land and for over 20 years the people have fought hard to ensure their area is preserved.   After 20 years they should by now get the message, LEAVE IT ALONE!!! GO SOMEWHERE ELSE THAT NEEDS AND WELCOMES THE DEVELOPMENTS!!!

It is time that the greedy councillors of the local Government stopped thinking about themselves and listened to what the people want.   Too many closed room deals are being struck, land and sites signed away without the people’s consent and these same people who live with those decisions, which are forced upon them, are tired of it.

Lindley’s schools are already oversubscribed.  If we have children, we can almost guarantee that we will not be able to place them in a local school close to home.  This is just part of the reason we moved here, good schools, good amenities and a beautiful rural/village setting.  The local area is only just large enough to support the current housing, cars and traffic population.

Traffic at peak times can be difficult as it is, if this development were given the go-ahead it will cause standstill at most points.  We already see traffic gridlocked, regularly, at the junction between Crosland Road and Lindley Moor Road – the very site proposed for development!  This can only become worse with increased traffic to the development site.

Many of the roads are country roads and will not support the amount of traffic proposed, if one road is closed for repair/resurfacing work as it is, it causes havoc just trying to get by locally.   If the motorway exit is congested, this causes backed up traffic from Lindley Moor Road to the Ainley Top roundabout.   Just building the proposed sites would cause untold damage and delays to local traffic.

The proposed sites are wholly inappropriate for this area and would be a blot on the landscapes, the rural setting we have now will be gone.   We would be left with a small scrap of greenery next to the Wappy Spring and the small recreational area near Jake Mangelwurzel’s house.  Local roads would be oversubscribed and heavily damaged by the plant machinery alone let alone the increase in local traffic and the extra cars and visitor cars that the area would attract if more houses and an industrial site are built.  There are alternative “brownfield” areas which are in need of redevelopment and would be welcomed but it’s easier and cheaper to carve up a field than knock down old ruined mills.

Since the original proposal 20 years ago, we have undergone something of a digital revolution; this is primarily why data campuses exist today.  But the site at Lindley Moor is ill suited to the needs of a modern data campus.  Sited some distance away from the local telephone exchange, I am concerned over the negative impact a data campus would have on the telecommunications network in the area.  The additional contention on local high speed internet as well as additional traffic on the airwaves would cause local technology users to suffer.

It is well known locally, that the area between Haigh Cross Farm and Peat Ponds Farm is potentially a site of archaeological significance.  An old roman road is thought to have run through the area running up to the old roman fort, “Slack” at Outlane.  Roman coins have been found in the area in the past.  This is documented in a popular guide to the Kirklees Way, a 52 mile walk around the perimeter of our great county.  One section of the guide explains the archaeological significance as it details a section of the route from Peat Ponds Farm through to Bradley Bar.  Sadly, if these plans go ahead, all hikers and ramblers will get to see are the large perimeter fences and spotlights of an unwanted Data Campus and not the rolling green moorland that our area is proud of.

I do not want this development to happen, the people of Lindley and surrounding areas do not want this to happen.  Please listen to what we say; we are the ones who live here.

Yours Sincerely,

Ben Sugden

Concerned Resident


2 thoughts on “Objection – Lindley Moor Update

  1. sorry, seeing Johns folly i thought this had something to do with him. I was born in Huddersfield live there until i was 28 then moved further up north for the next 25 years ending up down in the midlands. I worked with John or Jake, he always was crazy. Its highly unlikely he will have the use of a computer, however if he had he would be more that competent to use one. He may be crazy but he is also up there with the old grey matter. Thanks for reading this. Decker A Have a nice day.

    • Joker Jake has been a figure round Huddersfield for as long as I can remember 🙂

      I don’t know if he has full time access to a PC but he does have a facebook profile. He lives on the other side of the planned development work to me, so I’m interested to find out what he thinks about it all.

      There’s a lady doing a documentary on him at the moment, her website is http://www.mrsomebody.co.uk she may be able to put you in touch.

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