Digging – Lindley Moor Update

Digging on Lindley Moor

Over a year ago, I wrote about plans to build a data centre on local land, here at Lindley Moor.

The plans were eventually overturned by the local council, however the council appears to have overturned the plans as they were not in line with their own plans for development in the area.

This was an ominous footnote, at the time, that occurred to me once more when I discovered that the plans had been raised again.

I wrote about the renewed plans almost a year later, it is now five months on and the fight is still on.

On one of my regular evening strolls across Lindley Moor, I noticed that large swathes of the moor has been dug out; strips of bare earth have been scoured from the most of the fields that have been earmarked for the “Data Campus”.

At first I took this to be some kind of testing by the developers; however a quick search of local news reveals that it is actually an archaeological survey, seeking signs of a Roman road that is alleged to be in the area.

If the site were proved to have archaeological significance then it may help the campaign against the development.

Interestingly enough, there was a chap out with his metal detector whilst I was roaming around yesterday evening.  I’m glad that I resisted the discordian temptation to plant some pennies for him.

The land further east, across Crosland Road, hasn’t been touched.  As I understand it, this land is planned to be infested with a large housing estate and business park.  Whether this is to be affordable housing or not, I don’t know.

There is an action group, (I’ve joined the facebook group and everything) and a meeting was held recently to discuss what can be done to stop the build.  I missed it but the main point of action is clear: local residents should write to the council (letter or email) to express concerns at the proposals and to reject the plans.

Save Lindley MoorThe deadline for registering objections is July 21st 2011 and objections are counted by adult registering, not just households.

A great guide to objecting has been put up to the facebook group; it covers most of the objections that local residents have raised.

The two plans are:

Letters should be sent to:

Planning, Strategic Investment Service, PO Box B93, Civic Centre 3, Huddersfield. HD1 2JR.

Emails should be sent to:


The campaign also has support from local MP, Jason McCartney and local Lib. Dem. councillors, which helped get the plans overturned the last time.

Key objections to the data campus (expanded from the points detailed in the facebook group):

  • Exaggerated employment claims.
  • Security floodlights, security cameras and a prison like 13 feet high steel perimeter fence.
  • Electricity generators to regularly test run.
  • Massive carbon footprint caused by wasted heat from the electricity driven cooling systems for the computer servers.
  • Totally against EU, UK Government and Kirklees MC green aspirations and design.
  • Loss of an irreplaceable greenfield community amenity by destroying the “green lung” feature of Lindley.
  • Alternative brownfield industrial sites are available.
  • Extra strain on local telecommunications infrastructure (Lindley Moor is a fair distance from the local exchange and Data Campus traffic would add to contention on local usage).
  • Potential archaeological significance.
  • Developers could easily change usage of the land after planning is granted.
Key objections to the housing plans (also from the facebook group):
  • The Lindley infrastructure cannot support more development.
  • The schools are oversubscribed.
  • Traffic at peak times is already congested.
  • This inappropriate site requires 12,000 cubic metres of earth removing to profile the site before any house building.
  • This will require 1250 round trips in and out of the site by heavy construction vehicles routed along Weatherhill Road.
  • This is the direct route for all the school children walking to the 3 Lindley schools from the adjoining housing estates.
  • It could put them at additional risk.
  • Loss of another valued greenfield amenity when there are 12,350 house building plots available (twelve year’s supply) for houses on alternative Kirklees MC brownfield sites as detailed in Kirkees MCs’proposed Local Development Plan.
  • Kirklees MC desperately need approval for the Lindley Moor greenfield housing site application to secure the release of the industrial site.
  • Local roads and amenities are already oversubscribed, without increasing the immediate population.

Aside from the injustice at plans like this being resurrected after they have already been overturned, I am becoming more and more frustrated at unpopular development plans going through despite local communities rallying against them… and this is supposed to be a democracy!


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