6 thoughts on “Unsolicited Facebook Entry

  1. Facebook is dying and I am told MySpace has already gone. Thankfully ‘Google Wave’ never took off in the first place. With any luck all these intrusive and self-fulfilling ‘services’ will be no more.

    All they want is to snoop and advertize.

    • Have you come across the Google+ project?


      Allegedly, Google intends to scrap the concept of “private profiles” – which is a little daunting when you consider what Google+ is all about.

      The only sure way to remain anonymous in the future will be to go by a pseudonym – I will likely have to come up with a new one, Armaitus being inherently linked to my common name.

      Interestingly enough, there are just enough Morelenmirs out there to maintain your own anonymity.

      • That was something I had never come across before. It does look incredibly intrusive!!! They assume you want to share anything at all with anyone – and that you want to do it through their system…


        Hopefully there will be some sort of opt-out. If not then I shall have to stop adding to the no doubt chillingly vast quantity google already know about my interests.

  2. I’m staying the hell away from Google+. I’m already on FB with a pseudonym, but the idea of opting in to a system with no privacy at all when I’m the only person with my (real) name in the whole damn world really doesn’t work for me.

    • I know what you mean Equus… I recently read that:

      Prudent people will open all electronic mail accounts under false names.

      Mark L. Mirabello, Ph.D. from the definition of “Alias” in his Handbook for Rebels and Outlaws.

      I suppose that extends to any kind of internet account… although I guess some will have terms and conditions that would prohibit it (although that’s not going stop anyone).

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