Strike Action

Stop The Cats

At high risk of alienating my teaching friends and friends that work in the public sector or are members of striking unions.  I feel I have to air my opinions with regard strike action.

The reasons for the current strike action aside…

I don’t understand how taking away vital services from the general public (causing them frustration and unexpected costs – many of them on a far lower income with far less benefits than some public sector workers) as a means of blackmailing “The Man” is meant to work.

The people the strikes are aimed at persuading are far less affected by the action than everyone else.

X-RayIt seems to me to be a little like threatening your friends and neighbours (along with complete strangers) to try and change the opinion of people who don’t really give a damn about your friends and neighbours (or the complete strangers).

Protests outside government buildings I can understand.

Writing to my MP and badgering him to act, I understand.

Taking my bat and ball home, so my hard working friends and neighbours are suddenly left in the lurch is beyond my ken.

My usual take on strike action, when it is directed against complaints about pay or benefits, is that there are people out there who are willing to work for those lesser conditions.

That may still be the case, although unemployment is on a downward trend at the moment.

I appreciate that there is often a principle at stake but why make the general public suffer when it is not them who make the decisions?

Picket LineI also appreciate the argument that those of us in the general public have the power to change government at election time but that is only going to help at election time.

It doesn’t justify bullying us into changing government for the benefit of the people striking.

Honestly, striking from my point of view, is tantamount to terrorism.


2 thoughts on “Strike Action

  1. For the record… this is a deliberately flamey post.

    That last statement is tongue in cheek and harks back to two separate occassions…

    The one (linked to) where the term Economic Terrorism was used in relationship to the fighting between striking unions and the powers that be…

    and the other being when the firemen went on strike… putting many lives at risk.

  2. Ben,

    Whilst we most definitely lie on different sides of the political spectrum, I think you have hit the nail on the head squarely.

    Upsetting the working joe just makes people think that people in Unions are whinging about a lack of entitlement.

    Whether or not the unions think they are to blame for the economy collasping is irrelevant, neither is it the fault of people in the private sector who you are messing around.

    Lots of non-unioned people who remember the miners strikes or even the dark 1970s have NO faith in the Unions. Their actions didn’t hurt “the Man in power” it hurt the “man in the street”, it meant that they swept to power people who eroded the Unions. This will repeat itself.

    I am not going to fill your blog with my Conservative diatribe, but holding people to ransom is not terrorism, but it is extortion.

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