Kraken Rum – Lovecraft in a Bottle

Kraken - BottleLast year, a good friend of mine alerted me to the existence of Kraken Black Spiced Rum.

We were both taken with the look and feel of the product’s website and more importantly, the imagery and design of the bottle itself.

A quick search about wholesalers and distributors in the UK proved that the only way we could acquire a bottle would be to order from the States itself.

The cost of both the Kraken gift set and postage was initially prohibitive and so we gave up on the idea.

Alcohol is expensive enough in the UK without importing it in; we decided to wait for a UK release.

Kraken - ReverseThis month I discovered that a number of UK outlets are now selling Kraken.  I purchased a bottle from (I’ve only ever used them for Absinthe or Asbach Uralt previously).

The rum itself looks wonderfully dark, like ink, but I can’t bring myself to open it for a taste… yet.

As I hint at above, the company’s website is a treat.  Amongst its distinct antique style it makes good use of technology to showcase a little of the history and mythology surrounding the Kraken.

The artwork and typeface is superb, the same can be said for my imported bottle.

A search, through google’s shopping option, shows a number of other sources in the UK but I find to be reliable and easy enough to use – if a little steep on its shipping costs.

The KRAKEN Black Spiced Rum 70cl Bottle is also available from Amazon, albeit shipped by

Kraken - LabelKraken - Kraken


2 thoughts on “Kraken Rum – Lovecraft in a Bottle

  1. And the verdict… the Kraken is subtly creamy with a powerful flavour.

    Definitely a rum that works well alone…

    Although my maternal Grandfather recommends a tot of peppermint cordial with a good rum so I may try that next time.

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