The Lindley Moor Project (via Armaitus on…)

It would appear that plans are afoot to attempt again to gain permission to build a data centre on a green field site up the road from my house.

Furthermore, this article in my local paper expands across more of the local green belt to provide more business development space and even housing.

There are more than sufficient brown field sites in the local area.  Disused mills, demolished and run down housing and industrial areas that would be brought a new lease of life by this kind of housing or business development.

Instead, we are left fighting to protect our ever decreasing rural greenery.

The coalition government started the year with plans to sell off our nation’s forests; I worry now that this thinking will allow the developers to win their applications to build on our local green spaces.

This so called “age of austerity” could have a far more damaging impact than we might think.

I posted the entry below, the last time the Data Centre application was made.

The Lindley Moor Project It was Autumn last year when I first came across the Lindley Moor Project; an ostentatious plan to build a “data centre” on a local green field site. When I say “local”, I mean “right up the road from my house”. Now before I continue, I feel I should point out that I’m not the kind of person to shout “not on my doorstep”; I genuinely object to any green field development. In this case however, the planned development is genuinely “on my doorstep” … Read More

via Armaitus on…


3 thoughts on “The Lindley Moor Project (via Armaitus on…)

  1. Ben, I see it’s just a year since they tried before. You HAVE to keep up the pressure – or lose the green belt. Sadly Tories and their supporters (Liberals – who, incidentally, I will never forgive) don’t give damn. Someone somewhere, will be having his or her greasy palm stuffed with notes!

    I totally agree about the brown field sites, Huddersfield and Dewsbury (and Halifax) have more than their fair share and it would be greener (surely?) and more environmentally friendly to develop these rather than build businesses on green field.

    Two things occur to me:

    If they do build, will they also add a much needed west bound exit from the M62 at Outlane or will New Hey Road become simply impassable?

    If they do build – who will lend them the money? Because the robbing bankers don’t want to. B*stards.


    • I doubt they will do more than just build the thing and attract more congestion to the area.

      Traffic around J23/J24 is already impossible to manage at peak times. Lindley Moor Road itself is becoming an accident blackspot and the connecting roads are like swiss cheese.

      I suppose good would come out of it, insofar as traffic management measures would be brought in and roads resurfaced as part of the work… but that should be happening regardless of any planned developments in the area!

  2. Thanks for the link.

    I agree with your dad, I feel utterly betrayed by the lib dems and very very angry.

    I cannot believe there is a chance that they will be able to build on a greenfield site!

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