The Hounds of Tindalos

The Transition of Titus CrowI’ve long been a devotee of the Cthulhu Mythos; in fact a number of unfinished posts for this blog have been Mythos themed.

This January just gone I have had something of a Mythos renaissance.  I finally regained use of a multi-region DVD player and had some success in tracking down a number of US release only Mythos DVDs.

Even better, I’ve read through Brian Lumley‘s Primal Lands and Mythos sequences, back to back.

I love Lumley’s take on the Mythos.  General Mythos stories tend to have the protagonist left gibbering, driven to insanity by the unspeakable horrors they have witnessed.

Whilst this does still happen in Lumley’s tales, there are heroes to stand up to the oneiric machinations of Cthulhu and his kin.

Hound of TindalosIt was during this last series that I was reminded of the Hounds of Tindalos,  temporal vampires that leech into our world through acute angles.

In Lumley’s Mythos sequence, these fluttering hunters of the fourth dimension plague Lumley’s heroes, literally hounding them through time.

I remember the feeling of sheer desperation the first time I read The Transition of Titus Crow, as the hounds push Titus Crow from one well thought out trap to another.

Later in the series, Crow’s friend, Henri-Laurent de Marigny, is likewise hounded but deals with them in true Lumley hero style.

The Hounds of TindalosThe Hounds of Tindalos were first introduced to the Mythos by Frank Belknap Long in his short story of the same name.

The tale is a favourite of mine; ahead of its time with regards the combination of occult thought and methodologies to scientific theory and practice.

The musings of Long’s ill fated Chalmers at the story’s opening, echo my own opinion on scientific thought.  In fact the Chalmers character reminds me somewhat of 1930s Peter J Carroll.  Of course Carroll would likely deal with the Tind’losi Hounds in a manner that any Lumley hero would be proud.

Whilst musing over the Hounds of Tindalos, and the feeling that their initial pursuit of Titus Crow left me with I was reminded of a similar feeling of relentless pursuit that I encountered in my youth.

Hounds of LoveYears before first reading anything remotely Lovecraftian, I remember feeling that same sense of desperation from Kate Bush’s Hounds of Love.

Released in 1985, (I think), I would have probably encountered the song a couple of years later, on a VHS version of The Whole Story.

The pursuit of Kate and her lover, in the video, fits well with the theme of the song.

Although, I’m fairly sure that Kate’s intention was more to show the inevitability of the eventual submission to love’s pursuit in the heart of a romantic (or at least that’s what the song means to me, when I’m not likening it to the futile evasion of some dark eldritch horror).

It’s in the trees… It’s coming!

I think the opening line is taken from Night of the Demon, in turn based on MR James’ Casting the Runes.

Synchronous that the two sources of such a powerful sensation of unending pursuit share such a similar name.  So much so that I had to google to check if there had been some kind of Kate Bush Hounds of Tindalos/Hounds of Love parody; sadly nothing more than this hounds of history link.

And so in lieu of a version that is to hand and with deference to the wonderful Kate Bush and the works of Lumley and Long; I have attempted to create my own Tind’losi version of the song.

The Hounds of Tindalos (To Kate Bush’s Hounds of Love)

“They’re In My Dreams!
They’re Coming!”

When I Was Asleep:
Dreaming Strange Dreams,
Afraid Of What Might Be

Dreaming In The Dark,
Hiding In The Dream,
And Of What Was Following Me…

The Hounds Of Tindalos See Me.
Have I Always Been A Coward,
And I Don’t Know Where to Go From Here.

Here I Go!
They’re Coming For Me Through My Dreams.
Help Me, Someone!
Help Me, Please!

Take The Corners,
And Mould Them Into Curves,
And I’ll Be,
Safe For The Moment.

They’re Forming Cracks,
Led By Dholes.
I Try To Smooth Them With My Hands.

My Fragile Heart,
It Beats So Fast,
And I’m Ashamed Of Running Away.

From Nothing Real?
I Just Can’t Deal With This,
But I’m Still Afraid To Be There,

Among The Hounds Of Tindalos,
And Feel Their Presence Reach For Me.
Have I Always Been A Coward,
And Now I Know It’s Too Late For Me.

Oh, Here I Go!
Don’t Let Me Go!
Hold Me Down!
They’re Coming For Me Through My Dreams.
Help Me, Darling,
Help Me, Please!

Take The Corners,
And Mould Them Into Curves,
And I’ll Be,
Safe For The Moment.

I Know It’s Too Late For Me.
I Know It’s Too Late For Me.
I Hear The Hounds Of Tindalos, Yeah!
Tind’losi Hounds!

Take The Corners,
And Mould Them Into Curves!

Do You Know What I Really Hear?
Do You Know What I Really Hear?
I Hear The Hounds Of Tindalos, Yeah!


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