Fallout: New Vegas – Dead Money

WARNING: May contain spoilers…

I downloaded the new DLC for Fallout: New Vegas last night.

Sadly, the DLC follows the tedious formula of:

  1. Character succumbs to sleeping gas (despite having Endurance of 10)
  2. Character’s friends do not succumb to sleeping gas, despite following him everywhere and carrying useful items like C4.
  3. Character wakes up without power armour or standard weapons or in fact ANY of his items (except PipBoy 3 million) dressed in some kind of eighties jumpsuit.
  4. Character is blackmailed by means of explosive collar (that a Repair, Science or Medicine skill of 100 is unable to remove) to help some old guy who appears only in electronic form (the last person like this that the character met is lying, dying hanging out of his life support tube cursing the character’s name).
  5. Character proceeds to run around a ludicrously laid out map with near impossible to avoid traps collecting replacement friends, of which only one can accompany the character at any one time.
  6. Character carries on because 800 Microsoft points were shelled out for the luxury and honestly, there is not really any other way to easily rise the 5 extra levels provided by the minor increase in level cap.

My first priority in any DLC like this is to recover my lost items.  Part of the pleasure in games like Fallout: New Vegas is tooling up for the job.  I’ve pretty much played through the whole game beginning to end, using a .45 Magnum – now the character has to use a Dad’s Army style knife-on-a-stick.

This time round I don’t think I’ll see my power armour and stimpack collection until I’ve completed the DLC; which, from last night’s game session, is going to be more tedious than fun.

In fact the best review of the DLC I have read so far came from my friend, Matt Strange, on facebook:

would like to define hell, hell is a place where if you don’t ignore fights to run blindly in a spastic manner through poisonous gas and bear traps to endeavour to find a tiny radio in a short period of time, your head explodes. This is also a review of the New Vegas downloadable content. Dog’s quite cool however.

We’ll see… maybe the game will pick up with more play time.


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