B3ta Challenge Entry: Julian Assange

I posted an image to B3ta‘s image challenge yesterday for the first time in years.

The specific challenge is:

Is the Wikileaks frontman Julian Assange a fearless freedom fighter or an irresponsible idiot? Buggered if we know. Either way, both Assange and secrecy itself are ripe for photoshoppery, so ‘shop him, and the secrets he should be revealing.

Now, I’ve followed the wikileaks story on and off and the only solid opinion I have formed regarding the whole affair is that the ill fated Julian Assange looks like a sort of meek/camp version of the actor Julian Sands. I have other opinions but they are more along the lines of the philosophy put forward by Ramsey Dukes in his The Good, The Bad and The Funny, insofar as the whole thing reads like some kind of spy comedy.

Assange is doing what he thinks is right, the world’s governments think they’re right and I think they’re all hilarious.

Julian Sands has done sterling work in the past; his performance in Gothic for instance or his appearance in the final season of Stargate SG-1.  Best of all though is his performance of the title role in the film, Warlock.  Warlock is one the greatest films of all time, or at least it is in my opinion.

And so my entry into the challenge is a subtle and somewhat uninspired piece entitled, Warleak:



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