Needless Vandalism

I suppose the subconscious context to the title of this post implies that I might believe that not all vandalism is needless; that is not the intentional subject of this particular entry.

The point I’d like to make is that the majority of vandalism is needless… at least in the eyes of the victim it seems needless.

Rather than enjoy a Saturday lie-in this morning, I have come into work to migrate databases that are best migrated over the weekend rather than during the week when they are in use.  As I don’t drive, my partner kindly agreed to drive me in and so, much like any other morning this week, we departed the house with the intention of scraping snow from the car and driving to work.

Due to the recent snow and Kirklees Council’s stalwart lack of interest in gritting my street, we have taken to parking round the corner on a major route.  It’s not our preferred location to park but as we drive a Zafira and not a snow-plough it is as close to our house as we can get.

Until this morning the only vandalism we have encountered has been driven by the landlord of the house next door or the one time our car was broken into, as it was parked outside our house.  In the first case I had no evidence – other than the word of other neighbours – and in the seconds, the scrotes were seen by neighbours and the Police dealt with the matter.

This morning however, as we trudged through the snow, I noticed that a part had come off one of the nearby cars.  I took this to be a fault of the driver, it looked like something had broken off the base of the car’s chassis as it parked.  On approaching our car we noticed that our wing mirror was broken.  The casing on the floor in the snow and the mirror hanging out of it’s bay.  The whole thing pushed in towards the car (See image above).

Normally, I’d be enraged.  The wing mirror in question is near the pavement, not the road and has been hit with such force as to be no mere accident.  My initial reaction was to blame the owners of the house who we had parked in front of; maybe we had taken their parking space? Except their car was all snuggled into their drive with enough room for a second if necessary.

For some reason, I didn’t become enraged.  Maybe I’m losing my usual state of constant rage, or maybe I’m just resigned to things like this happening.  It has already happened, I’m unable to undo the events that have caused this.

Sadly, life isn’t like a computer game, I can’t just reload from an earlier save.  Even if I could, I’d probably end up hospitalised by some drunken Casey Jones wannabe.

So I attempted to fix the mirror, managing to push the mirror itself back into the mechanism that is designed for just this kind of incident.  I had no luck at all with the body of the mirror though, so my partner took over the repairs.

Then I remembered the car we had passed.  I returned to look in more detail.

Sure enough, the wing mirror was smashed – actually shattered and pushed forward, like somebody had hit it with a bat.

Whilst my partner attempted to repair the rear of our wing mirror, I ventured up the street to check the rest of the cars.  As expected, every single car was in the same state of vandalism.  I took photographs, in case the police would be interested, not that I expect them to be interested.

My track record of reporting incidents to Huddersfield police is not good.  I usually end up fobbed off onto another council department – or told that the crime against my person is not actually a crime at all.

Finally, we gave up on repairing the rest of the mirror for now and came into work.  At least the mirror is functional and in a better state than it could have been.  My thoughts go out to the others on the street who have cars in a worse state than ours and hopefully the police will at least make a record of the incident, despite their being nothing they can do about it now.


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