A Moment of Clarity

ClarityEarlier this week I received an event invite from a band that I follow on facebook.

Actually, that is a somewhat misguiding statement.  I’ve followed Kava Kava far longer than I’ve been on facebook.  The last time I made reference to Kava Kava in this blog was when they hit number one in my Top 10 Workout Tracks.

I’m jingoistic enough that many would think that my main attraction to Kava Kava is that they are from Huddersfield; available through Chocolate Fireguard Music Ltd.  In this case, I don’t think their origins have any bearing on my like for the band; other than causing my early exposure to them.

Most people are probably becoming aware of their music now, through their inclusion in television and video game soundtracks.  They have a very unique sound that fits most situations.

The invite on facebook was to the online launch of their latest single, Clarity.  Officially released December 13th 2010, the single is available for advance purchase from bandcamp, for £4.

Being something of a fan-boy I bought the single before release day and I’m really glad I did.  No less uplifting than any other Kava Kava track, the remixes that are bundled with it embellish what is already a very worthy piece.  Of particular interest is the Lex Loofah remix, it has some really subtle undertones which I find hard to describe without sounding even more pretentious than I already do.


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