Amazon Sell the Staple Tech-Geek Diet (Food, Booze & Coffee)

Knowing how quickly I pick up on current affairs, have probably been doing this for weeks. I woke up this morning to the news that online retail giant, Amazon, have begun selling groceries; the news went onto explain that Amazon were rewarding customers for buying in bulk.

I’ve had a look to check the offerings out. The link is easy to miss, between Hobbies and DIY you’ll find a Grocery menu towards the top left of the home page.

Gold County Rose Zinfandel BlushNaturally, the first things I checked out were Coffee, Booze and Pasta (What? A man’s got to eat sometime).

The first thing I noticed was that there were indeed some nice bulk offerings when it came to the pasta and noodles.

The second thing I noticed was the price of booze.

The cheapest bottle of drinking wine is a Gold County Rose Zinfandel Blush at £5.47.

Not exactly Laithwaites pricing and conspicuously lacking a “crate” offering (unless I’m missing something).

They do have the chablis I drank on my one and only cruise on the QE2 (Chablis Premier Cru Vau-Ligneau, albeit a different vintage).

chablisI was disappointed to find that they don’t stock Lucky beer, or many czech lagers but there do seem to be some interesting beer selections.

On the coffee front, I was pleased to see a number of senseo coffee pods on offer, including a Hot Chocolate option.

A lot of those offerings were in bulk; I’m even thinking of dusting the old thing off and using it again (the senseo that is).

The final noteworthy element is that they even sell cat food; although I don’t really want to start my cats on Science Plan or Iams (the less said about my view on Iams the better).

Still, there are offerings from Whiskas so my cats will be happy.


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