The HTC Desire

HTC Desire - The DesktopA while ago, I blogged about my second attempt at moving from a Windows Mobile phone to an Android powered, HTC Tattoo.

Overall that attempt failed but it did pique my interest in Android as a mobile OS. Colleagues have since taunted and flaunted with their own Android driven devices; showering me with examples of how awesome the devices can be. And so a couple of weeks after that first blog, I placed an order for the HTC Desire through my employers.

I actually started writing this entry weeks ago but got sidetracked. I’ve probably missed the boat with the Desire’s launch hype but I’ve never been one for bandwagons.

At this point in my original entry I’d written:

I had anticipated a May arrival for my new handset but as luck would have it, it arrived a couple of weeks ago; and I am loving it. I’ve given myself a good fortnight or so to get a real enough feel for the device and now I want to froth about just how awesome it really is!

HTC Desire - Easy to UseAnother month on and very little has changed in my opinion of the Desire. I’ve wiped/reset it once and even upgraded to the latest service pack of the Android OS!

The first thing that struck me about the device was the crispness of the screen. It is bright, sharp and large enough that I can watch Youtube videos without squinting.

The initial setup was child’s play. I’d already set my hotmail to forward all mail to a new gmail account (which is an essential asset if you’re serious about using Android).

Krussell CaseEven Exchange setup was easy. I’ve had a few niggles setting up some of our customers on the Tattoo so maybe I’m a little better prepared this time but I had my work email, personal email, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr set up in no time.

I’ve had fun over the past month syncing all my contacts. Android has pulled in everyone from Exchange, Gmail, Facebook and Twitter; meaning that all my exchange contact images carried over from the HTC Diamond have now been replaced with up to date facebook profile pictures.

Customising the phone has taken a while though. There is just so much to choose from. With 7 separate screens available I actually find myself wanting more. There are full screen or part screen widgets available, along with shortcuts to as many apps as you can download.

HTC Desire - Tricorder AppThe apps are really the icing on the cake, there’s even a Tricorder app. Some come across as trivial, although some, like ASTRO, are genuinely essential; more on these later I think.

In the end I am glad to move to Android and I can’t imagine moving to any other device than the Desire… it’s a shame for the rest of you that they’ve sold out already.


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