Probably the Best Cake in the World

Dandelion & Burdock CakeLast week in our local Asda we came across what is probably the best cake in the world.

As a Type 1 (insulin dependent) Diabetic I tend to avoid cakes; not because I can’t have cake but because I’m overweight. Keeping my weight down is integral to my control of the condition. That being said, we just had to buy this little cake and try it.

D & BYou see, one of my favourite soft drinks as a child (my favourite non-soft drink was allegedly lager – probably a nice pilsner like Bitburger) was Dandelion & Burdock, preferably Ben Shaws. I still occasionally treat myself to a sugar free version but I’ve read nasty things about sucralose and so avoid excessive consumption of “diet” drinks.

Imagine our surprise when we are confronted with such a delicious confection as a Dandelion & Burdock Cake!

Proper MaidImagine my further surprise when I discover that despite being available in our american-megacorp-owned supermarket, the cake is baked in my home town of Huddersfield.

The cakes are made, along with other tasty looking morsels, by local bakers, Proper Maid. Based just down the road from where I live (and round the corner from my Grandma’s), Proper Maid has already made the local news. The business is also being heralded a success story by the local university.

The cake was only small but ideal for me over the week.  I ate it slowly over several days, having a small slice after my evening meal.  The cake and icing were both chocolate in origin but infused with the delicious tang of dandelion and burdock; even the icing felt a little fizzy on the tongue.

You can download a price list here.


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