Worst Call Centre Ever? – Ingram Micro

This week I have had the misfortune to become involved with Ingram Micro; seemingly a corporate software licencing bureau.

Without going into too much detail, I have had call this week to contact one of their support desks with a view to obtaining a free software key for an urgent work project.

The key itself has become something of a Holy Grail, so much so that I have begun to doubt its existence on several occasions over the past few months but last week I was assured that I could now get my key from Ingram Micro.

At the time of typing I have been on hold 15 minutes, which in the grand scheme of things isn’t long.  The longest I have waited on hold is around 45 minutes on Wednesday.  When I realised that the number I was calling was an 0871 number I hung up and used “Say No To 0870” to obtain a non-expensive number to call.

The sting has been taken out of my complaint somewhat, insofar as I know that there are people at Ingram now dealing with my query but as helpful as they seem to be, I still don’t have my key.  Having a team of helpful people on your support desk means nothing if your clients can’t get through.

I have just been assured that it will be emailed to me within the next 40 minutes; but that isn’t the point.  Throughout my 14 years in office work I have lived by the rule that calls are answered within 4 rings.  It may seem a little anal but I get incredibly wound up when people don’t pay me the same courtesy.  I have to say, 17 minutes to get through to a team of people is unforgivable; 45 minutes even more so.

I dread to think how frustrated day to day users of their service are.  I only hope my own company‘s helpdesk never gets like that, we pride ourselves on our strength of service.


40 minutes ago I got through to my contact at Ingram and was promised my key would be sent to me within 30 to 40 minutes.  10 minutes ago I received an email from the very same contact telling me that I now need to fill in an order form before he can send me the key.

I haven’t had to put up with this much bureaucracy since working in finance!


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