Censorship at Huddersfield’s Odeon? – No Screening for Four Lions

Four Lions - TMNTEver since the multiplex (then UCI now Odeon) on Leeds Road put the town center cinema out of business, it has been a thorn in my side.

Throughout the end days of the 20th century my biggest grievance with the multiplex were the scheduling of films.

Often, films I wanted to see (John Carpenter’s Vampires, Species 2 for example) would be shown on one or two Wednesday nights at midnight and then closed forever more.

Worse, films that weren’t shown at midnight would be shown at times that just did not sit well with working hours or public transport. The evening showings too early to reach after work and the late evening showings finishing long after the last bus home.

Over time, the situation improved and for a few years in the noughties I was happy with the multiplex.

Some time in the past few years there seems to have been a regime change of fascist proportions. The cinema now seems to censor its catalogue from time to ttime.

The last time I ranted about the Odeon was when it appeared that they were not planning to show Watchmen. Whether people complained or they just hadn’t publicised it, I don’t know; the Watchmen did screen at Huddersfield’s Odeon.

Here’s what I had to say then (in a facebook note)

Fanatical about Film?

Fanatical about FAFF more like.

Why is it my local cinema seem more interested in showing disney-pixar-chick-flick TAT than anything worthwhile?

I used to love going to the cinema, nowadays a trip to the Odeon is an exercise in anger management and RAGE.

Anything remotely interesting is either spurned entirely or relegated to a late night showing on a school night.

They drive me MAD!

Why bother having a multiplex if you’re going to use half the screens to show how Dog Hotel and leave the others closed.

I know loads of people in Hudds who would love to see films like Watchmen but it seems the only chance we are likely to have is to travel to the Showcase in Leeds and its sticky floors and cramped seats.

Anyway, I’ve written to them AGAIN to complain AGAIN at their consistently poor selection of films and poor decision making. I encourage any fellow Huddersfuddlians who feel the same way to follow suit.

Four Lions - RSPBWell, they’ve triggered me to rant again.

I am a huge fan of Chris Morris (The Day Today, Blue Jam, Brass Eye), a controversial UK film/TV/radio writer/director. For the past few years I have been aware of – nay aching for the completion and release of – his latest project, dealing with Islamic fundamentalism in the UK.

This weekend I was told that the film, Four Lions, was to be released May 7th across the UK. I was over the moon! Finally, a fresh offering from Morris. At my earliest convenience I checked Odeon’s website to see if they listed the film – in my heart of hearts knowing that Huddersfield’s Odeon would not show it.

I was correct. The film is listed as “Coming Soon” but is only available to view at a limited list of cinemas, Huddersfield not being one of them. I don’t know why my local cinema is not showing the film, maybe it is due to the news of proposed boycotts; Maybe it is due to the cinema manager not forecasting a box office smash.

Either way, I am very disappointed at the lack of support for home grown UK films in my local cinema… my nearest venue is Bradford.


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