The Other Ben Sugden

Sugden Coat of Arms

The Sugden Coat of Arms

I’ve recently taken an interest in SEO, Social Media and the like; this interest is encouraged by a work colleague but is probably fuelled by my recent blogging.

My interest in SEO has led me to take more of an interest in the back end statistics of this blog.  I already monitor the monthly statistics for my employer’s website. Every month I get a pdf detailing the various search engine terms used to find our website; these are drilled down to specific search engines and countries, which is nice.

The WordPress statistics are much more concise but just as interesting. For instance, the “Top Searches” leading to my blog at the moment are:

i buy – killing joke – tim burgess, ben sugden computer games, dragon age origins mods xbox 360, i buy – tim burgess & killing joke, tim burgess i buy classic rock

“i buy – killing joke – tim burgess” has been the number one search since I blogged about the collaboration weeks ago.

What is noteworthy today is the new entry, at number two, of “ben sugden computer games”. Some people would be a little worried at the thought of people googling their gaming activity. I have no need to worry though, as I know the real reason; you see Ladies and Gentleman, I am not the only Ben Sugden in the world, nor in the United Kingdom.

I have long been aware of several other Ben Sugdens in the UK, some are even employed as techies. The greatest of these is a Ben Sugden who works for Lionhead Studios, famous for games like Fable and Black & White.

I first came across Ben in relation to Black & White 2; like most people my attention is instantly grabbed when I notice my name in print. What are the odds, two people named Ben Sugden who work as Software Developers? I’ve since been contacted by people wanting to get hold of Lionhead’s Ben Sugden and thinking that I am he, naturally i corrected them and pointed them in the right direction.

Since then I have looked into social networking sites like facebook and LinkedIn to see how many other Ben Sugdens I could find. I’d already been added to facebook by a Benjamin Sugden across the pond.

It is interesting to note that as I gather the links to embed in this post, I see that Ben Sugden from Lionhead is 3 degrees away from me. LinkedIn shows you if you know someone who knows someone you are looking for. A chap I worked with over a decade ago has somebody in his own contacts who has Ben Sugden in theirs. Fascinating!

Three results in LinkedIn, all techies by trade and nineteen results on facebook. A google search has my own facebook profile at number one, a listing for all of us at number two and my twitter at number three.

It used to be that I’d maybe show in the first page of google results due to forum posts or details of old LRP games; add Huddersfield to the criteria and I now dominate the first page. I suppose that this all shows that I’ve been unwittingly using SEO without realising it. All those forum posts and facebook friends must be upping my relevance to google.

I wish the other Ben Sugdens well of course, a part of me wonders what kind of people they are; do we share anything in common other than our names? Are we related, way back down the geneology tree? It seems a little too stalker-esque to actually contact them and ask though.


4 thoughts on “The Other Ben Sugden

  1. It’s me! (the real Ben Sugden) 🙂

    This has to be the bizarrest blog I’ve ever read – Another Ben Sugden I’ve never met, talking about me!

    I just happened on it because we were talking about searching for ourselves on google at work.

    So, you’re connected to games in some way too, then?


    • Hi Ben, thanks for your comment 🙂

      It is genuinely great to hear from you.

      I play a lot of games, xbox mainly but am nowhere near the level of coding godhood to create my own. The closest I have come to that is creating Easter Eggs in some of the CRM/ERP platforms I have built… that and running/partaking in LRP games.

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