Waiting For The New Dragon Age DLC/Expansion

Sometimes I am just far too keen. I pre-ordered Dragon Age Origins: Awakening (Xbox 360) from Amazon ages ago but just spotted a tweet from @MrPointyHead from Inside XBOX.

Weirdly, that link to the Dragon Age DLC doesn’t work – try this: http://bit.ly/9QZbnL

I know patience saves me money (3200 MSP is a little extreme when compared to Amazon’s £24.99) but having played through the original more times than is sane, I’m keen to get stuck into new content.

I think Dragon Age is probably the best Bioware offering yet (I love Mass Effect but I prefer fantasy hack and slash); I’ve loved the game so far and still haven’t explored all the character possibilities (The thought of having to survive the Circle Tower and the Fade again is what’s putting me off starting a seventh character).

The previous DLC has been of a good standard, although Return to Ostagar was a tad shorter than I expected.  I have high hopes for this new expansion none the less.

Oh, there’s a walkthrough available too, for those that use them.


4 thoughts on “Waiting For The New Dragon Age DLC/Expansion

  1. Return to ‘Ostagar’ – the only piece of Tolkien homage within the game which annoys me – was rather poor in my opinion and over priced in the extreme. You were essentially paying for a suit of armour and a pair of swords. The extra gameplay itself was simply a boring exercize in hack and slash and repetitive reloads due to frequent death.

    The other add-on quests were pretty good though, especially the golem one.

    This particular ‘Awakening’ super-add-on may even be a true expansion and looks reasonable, although from what I have read so far I am a little bit disappointed by the lack of any significant improvement in gameplay or UI. With any luck though I have missed something as there were SEVERAL areas which could certainly have done with revisiting in a proper expansion to smooth over or replace altogether.

  2. Woohoo!

    Just got an email through from Amazon… it has just despatched – estimated arrival Saturday though – which is a shame as it is coming to my work address.

  3. It is interesting you mention a preference for this over ME armaitus. I myself feel the other way around and am sorrowing the lack of new ME2 material. Maybe they will hasten an expansion – with use for the existing vehicle controls! – to a similarly short time-scale.

    Which is not to say i dislike DAO in any way – other than as yourself, a loathing of the thought to start to play through again.

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