Ray Sherwin’s Fats of Life

Strange Smell in the CarI’ve just started to read the latest publication from respected occult author, Ray Sherwin: Strange Smell in the Car: Aromatic Oils and Magick (published by Mandrake); outwardly presented as a collection of writings on essential oils and aromatherapy, the book actually works as something of an autobiography.

I’ve only made it a short way in and remain fascinated by the tales of Ray’s entrepreneurial endeavours in the field of essential oils. I’m sure I visited his Leeds based shop as teenager the year he sold it, although I may be confusing it with visits to Sorceror’s Apprentice.

I like Ray’s writing style, Ray comes across as both personable and reassuringly confident – something I’ve discovered in his other writings.

The final chapter I read last night struck me as important. Not so much in the sense of:

This is valid advice Ben, you should take note

But in the

How strange, you start looking into alternate weight loss methods and CLA; then all of a sudden your attention is drawn to an article on dietary fats, written by a local and respected figure on the global occult scene

The chapter was titled: The Fats of Life: What your Mother Would Have Told you if She’d known. So strongly was I effected by this article, I came into work early to research coconut oil. I managed to locate a PDF version of the article and would highly recommend reading it, if only to get an idea of Ray’s writing style.

Ray makes it clear that he is using other people’s research as a primary basis for his opinions on the efficacy of coconut oil; combined with his own findings through his own use.

Of particular interest is what he has to say on the possible link between unsaturated fats and suicide – I have heard reports of suicidal depression being a serious side effect of cholesterol busting statins.

Of equal interest is the possible link between unsaturated fats and cancer – but everything causes cancer these days doesn’t it?

Mandrake of OxfordThe upshot of all this is that by using coconut oil to balance my intake of saturated and unsaturated fats I may be able to finally lose some weight. I have an incredibly low intake of saturated fats in comparison to the polyunsaturated fats I take in.

Obviously none of this will work without regular exercise and a controlled diet but it may just be the final push to swing the pendulum the right way.


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