Barnswood Scout Camp

Barnswood Scout Camp is a medium-to-large, wholly encapsulated and LRP/LARP friendly scout camp between Leek and Macclesfield.

Map to Barnswood
The purple flag marks the site entrance

The site is more accurately situated near the village of Rushton Spencer, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK11 0RB. Sat Nav takes you either right to the gate or down a nearby road – depending on which you use. TomTom got us to the gate, Pinman’s phone didn’t.

Once down and up a dirt track you reach a generous car park with gates into the site proper.Site Map

I’d recommend having someone man the car park on day one, just to make sure that space is best made use of.

Map on siteMy initial reaction to the site was wholly positive. It is well out of the way from random passers by and has a number of large clearings.

The clearings are obviously intended for camping but make for excellent skirmish areas. The larger clearings could be used for large IC tents but with the addition of all the various bunk rooms these would be cosmetic.

The GatesThe site has a circular pathway running around the perimeter and a couple of paths bisecting. For the main part, the paths are solid and well maintained, a one way system is well signposted to guide traffic around when dropping off kit.

There is even a secondary car park to the north.

BuildingsThe buildings are of varying sizes, the largest of which have kitchens. The kitchens are unstocked so your caterers will need to bring their own pots, pans, crockery and so forth. The bunk space is OK but the majority of accommodation will be down to either camping or floor space. Make sure your attendees know to bring their sleeping bags (and camp beds if they haven’t been allocated a bunk).

ClearingWe’ve only used the site once but did so on the many positive recommendations we have had from other site users. Many other LRP systems have made use of this site and it definitely ranks alongside Candleston as one of the best the UK has to offer.

Recommended Monster BaseI have a full album from our Friday Site Walk on facebook.


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