Atlacoya & The Stolen Moon

One of the reasons I’ve started blogging is to get back into Creative Writing. My grammar is a shocking hash of german and english grammatical rules and my prose tends to read in the same manner as I think – but I do want to start writing again and blogging is helping me get back into it – gradually.

I recently helped run an LRP event, the main plot of the event centering on a fictional bad guy linked to the main world plot running at the main Lorien Trust events.

The big bad for our event had been conceived over a year ago when we created a military general from a far away land. The description of that land struck us as being very Aztec in feel and so we named our general Atlacoya, the Witch Queen. Atlacoya is actually a figure from Aztec mythology that represents drought or famine, we took the name and built up a description that fit with the main world plot.

Running up to the event we decided that we wanted to let the players get to know more about Atlacoya, who had only really threatened and rattled sabers at our players to date. So I decided to have a go at writing something about our Witch Queen and how she became the creature she was before the main plot big bad had got hold of her; this also incorporated clues for the players as to how they might deal with her in the long run.

I’ve recently hammered through a raft of different books, one of which being Neil Gaiman‘s Anansi Boys. I wanted my story to have a similar feel to the old Anansi stories that influenced Gaiman; I love stories surrounding the Trickster figures in mythology – I may blog more on that later.

I may not have managed to get the same feel, after all Atlacoya has never been intended as a Trickster but I do think I get a mythological or at least religious feel to the story.

Our plot rep tweaked the story he presented to the players but only so far as a slight alteration to the ending. I present here my unaltered version – I may comment Pinman’s amendment at a later date (unless he wants to himself).

I add the caveat that this is obviously OOC (out of character) information for anyone involved in Lorien Trust events, although it is largely irrelevant as Atlacoya was defeated at the event.

Atlacoya - The Witch Queen

Atlacoya - The Witch Queen (as played by Lauren Orton)

Atlacoya and the Stolen Moon

One night Atlacoya gazed at her reflection in the pool admiring her skin’s glow in the moonlight. Soon her solitude was disturbed by Tepoztecatl and his brothers, as they hopped splashing into the pool.

“What are you doing Rabbit, to disturb my beauty on this night?” asked Atlacoya, suddenly furious.

“Hush woman, you are nothing but a thought you do not exist to us.” Replied Tepoztecatl.

Atlacoya shrank from the shore, as a child should when in the presence of its betters.

“Brothers, it is nearly time. We shall set up a chain and bring it to us to dine” Tepoztecatl pointed at the shimmering reflection of the moon as it lay under the surface of Atlacoya’s pool. The five fat brothers lined up from the shore; Tepoztecatl sat dry as, one by one, his brothers spread out to the moon. Atlacoya cried out as the youngest brother, Macuiltochtli, hopped onto her moon and flipped it to the next brother. As she cried, her pool drained and as her pool drained each brother flipped the moon further to shore. As the fat brothers sat and gorged themselves on her moon, Atlacoya cried and cried until her pool ran dry and she could cry no more.

Atlacoya ran then, away from the gorging brothers. Blinded by dry tears, Atlacoya tripped over Malinalxochitl who lay in wait for the weak as always.

“What are you that disturbs my rest? You do not exist to us.” demanded Malinalxochitl, licking her lips “You are pretty enough a thing I shall eat you and take your beauty.”

“Please most beautiful Serpent, I was the cold beauty of the moon” explained the girl, “but Rabbit and his brothers have eaten my moon. I have no beauty to eat but they lie back by my pool, all bloated and full. If you eat them then you will have my beauty”

“Come show me” demanded Malinalxochitl as she mounted Atlacoya and rode her back towards the pool.

When they arrived back at the dry pool, Malinalxochitl opened her jaws and devoured the sleeping brothers in five smooth gulps. Swallowing hard she turned to Atlacoya, licking her lips.

“And truly I have devoured your beauty, thing that does not exist”

Atlacoya could see that she was speaking the truth, for her beauty now shone from Malinalxochitl. Crying once again, Atlacoya fled. The more she cried the more she felt her ugliness grow.

Suddenly, Atlacoya was hurled to the ground by Tepeyollotl, who guards the world from creatures of horror and ugliness. But Tepeyollotl is no fool and saw who he had wrongly pinned. Letting her up he spoke:

“What are you doing so far from your pool child?”, he tenderly picked her up brushing away the dryness of her tears, “You are not yet meant to be, who has taken your future from you?”

“Please Jaguar, the rabbits stole my moon and Serpent stole my beauty.” explained Atlacoya as she held the hero tighter “Now I fear I will never be and I feel so very cold without my moon”.

“This will not do, climb on my back and we will seek out Serpent and take back your beauty.”

Atlacoya rode Jaguar all night until at dawn they found her coiled on her rock, awaiting the warmth of the sun.

“You have stolen this child’s beauty and with it, her future.” Postured Jaguar as he set Atlacoya on her feet, “return it at once and you will come to no harm”.

Laughing in response, Malinalxochitl leapt at Tepeyollotl’s throat. In one snap of his mighty jaws, Tepeyollotl killed Malinalxochitl and swallowed her in two pieces.

“Now I will return your beauty” said Tepeyollotl as he leaned in to kiss Atlacoya. “With this kiss I will return your beauty and make you my wife. You will exist as my queen and we will rid the world of darkness”.

Tepeyollotl’s people celebrated all day with dance and wine and song. So happy was Atlacoya that she cried moist tears. Her tears ran from her, into her pool and by dusk she could see the moon fade in above the setting sun. But as the last of her tears left her so did the warmth of the day, the moon she saw was no longer her own. Envy grew inside Atlacoya, she was no longer a thing that existed for her own pleasure; Atlacoya now existed for the sakes of Tepeyollotl’s people.

“Wife, come lay with me” demanded Tepeyollotl, and she did. It was not a happy Atlacoya that lay with her King, as he lay with her she began to cry her dry tears of sorrow. As she cried and cried her King diminished, slowly absorbed into her cold heart. She devoured her King the way the desert devours the forest and as he waned so her power grew.

Atlacoya ruled as Jaguar queen for ever more but every night she returns to her empty pool and weeps for a moon that was never truly hers.


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