Killing Joke & Tim Burgess

I picked up a copy of Classic Rock Magazine at the weekend. Not my usual literary fare (I subscribe to the Fortean Times and pick up Viz whenever a see a new one out… there you go, my guilty little secrets) but the cover article and associated CD looked interesting enough to shell out £4.99 for.

The cover article was all about Slash‘s latest project, a collaboration with rock luminaries and musicians Slash respects. With that in mind, Classic Rock magazine put together their own CD of rock collaborations. Now I didn’t check the track listing before buying the magazine but imagine my surprise when I see that track 1 is a collaboration between Killing Joke and Tim Burgess (of Charlatans fame).

What an awesome track! Titled “I Buy” it has the kind of socio-political rant like feel that I love to hear from Killing Joke. It’s odd to hear the phenomenal musical artistry that Killing Joke can produce without Jaz’s vocals but Tim’s voice works flawlessly within the track.

I only wish I could find a sample to link to.


8 thoughts on “Killing Joke & Tim Burgess

  1. Agreed, Charlatans live on my doorstep, not really followed them as such but been in to the Joke since ’81. It sounds really good, and have to say
    Tim’s voice blends in just right with the Killing Joke sound, defo worth adding this to your collection……………….CITY MANCHESTER ENGLAND

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