Indexing Services

The last 40 minutes have been an utter mare! In fact, as I type this at speed I am uttering such rage fuelled profanity as would make a docker blush.

A simple task involving adding a logo to one of our new corporate photographs (5 minutes shopping if that) has stretched to an eternity.

Q. Why?

A. searchindexer.exe hogging every single available piece of memory usage my PC has to offer.

searchindexer.exe is the executable element of Microsoft’s Indexing Service; and over the years it has become the bane of my life. Why it re-enables itself when I so humanely kill it on a regular basis, I do not know.

As far as I can see, the indexing service serves no practical use; even when enabled it does not actually allow me to search my files using the indexes it reputedly creates, leaving me to rely on the old Search Companion.

You can, supposedly, disable the service and/or limit the drives, directories and files that are indexed. Disabling the service is far more satisfying:

Services -> Search IndexerHow to kill the service
It pleases me to affect a Jean Reno accent as I read this text to myself, imagining myself as Léon – about to lay searchindexer to rest.

1) Open Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services
2) Scroll down the list to “Indexing Services”, right click and select “Stop”
3) Finally, double click the entry and set the “Startup type” to disabled, before clicking OK – *bang* the dirt is gone.

Lets just hope that the service doesn’t go and do a Lazarus on me… again.


One thought on “Indexing Services

  1. To add a further dimension – what in my opinion is the single most useful attribute of Windows 7, its ‘Libraries’ can only include shared network folders IF they have been indexed on their physical parent machine. If there is no indexing then you cannot add them…

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